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Reunion: Watch What Happens

Because we haven't heard enough about the Greatness that is Ben, they bring Clay out to talk about who's improved most, physically, during the show, and Clay naturally says that it's been Ben. Cohen reminds us all that Holly got ripped last week by the panel for her current weight, and she responds exactly as she should... if she weren't in a modeling competition. She says she's happy with her body, and is used to hearing that in the business. "You can't please everyone," she says. "You have to accept yourself." Though she does add that she can always change her body, she says again that this is who she is, and the industry can take it or leave it. That would be OK, except that given that option, the industry will easily leave it. I wish she had said that she would keep working on it, and just move on, although I like that she didn't get upset about it.

Cohen can't wait to remind us that no one thinks she has a personality, but then delights me by introducing what I believe to be a seriously cute montage of her talking about squirrel gravy. I just love her, okay? I want to go thrift shopping with her and sit around discussing our favorite jug bands. Everyone applauds when the squirrel gravy show is over, though Niki looks disgusted, and Holly says though she does not eat squirrels, her dad does.

Finally, we get down to the interesting questions, when Cohen asks for a show of hands about each model and the consensus on whether or not they should win. When asked for a vote on whether or not Ben should win, frankie quickly asks if he means "should, or will?" Good one, frankie -- I sincerely didn't think he had it in him to be so insightful. It pleases me that Ben's hand alone goes into the air. Ronnie doesn't get many more votes than that, either. It looks like he and Aryn make up his only two votes, though I can't see everyone. Holly gets several more votes, as does Perry, and Cohen points out that if it were up to the models, Perry and Holly would tie for the win. He asks if any of them think any of the final four should not be there, and frankie weirdly says he should be in Perry's place. Maybe in Ben's place, sure, but Perry's? Hmm. Shannon says she thinks Holly and Perry have both been consistently good throughout the competition, whereas Ben and Ronnie have not been, but who knows what else she says, because we don't hear the rest, and after another dramatic montage of the final four and their many attributes, and some emotional last words from Tyson and Niki about how much the love everybody, we are reminded that the winner will be announced on Thursday!

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