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Reunion: Watch What Happens

No time is wasted jumping Katy's ass about how much she appeared to be eating. She shakes her head and laughs when Cohen reads a question from a "viewer" who busts her for eating cake. "Everyone ate the cake!" one of the other girls shouts, and Katy says she had a piece for Ronnie and Ben's birthday, just like everyone else. "Yeah, I had that piece of cake," Katy adds. "And it was good, too." Cohen smoothly moves on from one offensive question to another. "Jacki," he asks, allegedly reading another viewer question. "Do you think you were voted off because you are a bitch?" Jacki laughs. She says that when she watched the show and saw how she was portrayed that it's obvious that she had maintained a competitive spirit throughout the competition. She says it was hard for her, and any of them, to be themselves in the house.

"All right," Cohen says, dismissively. "So the ten of you were sent home by America. You ready for the final four?" Thus Ben, Ronnie, Holly and Perry are introduced and these other models are pretty much ignored for the remainder of the hour. Sarah seems so excited to see all these people, especially Ben, which is weird to me, as none of them probably remembers her even being there. Perry comes out and engages in a little bromance of his own with Casey, and even has a friendly hug for Shannon. I think she even calls him "mate," unless it's Stephanie that says that, but who knows? Cohen asks The Eliminated if they think America got it right in choosing these four finalists. "Uh, noooooo," they all say, laughing. Katy says she thinks they're all kind of biased. But instead of asking who they think should have made the finals, or even doing anything interesting like having an anonymous vote of The Eliminated and the shows producers or something, they just skip it. Dom says, showing some insight I did not know he possessed, he thinks Ronnie and Ben's bromance has kept them on the show longer than they might have stayed otherwise. He is very quick to throw in that both of them, aside from their storyline, have excelled and improved on the show, so maybe they deserve to be there, anyway. "The public loves them," Sara says and Jacki laughs, adding the completely unscripted line: "People want to know what you guys are going to do next!" No, people do not want to know anything of the kind. Katy says that the first thing people asked her when she got home was what was up with Ben and Ronnie. "Let's take a look at the couple," Cohen says in his hostiest voice, "that America loves to call 'Bronnie.'" Now, listen, America. I may have been kind of down on you for the last twelve weeks. I think you've made some sideways moves in your voting some of the time. But never would I accuse you of coming up with the term "Bronnie." You wouldn't do that. Cohen, however, would. And he'd put it on a T-shirt. And he'd bring two of those shirts to Ben and Ronnie and drool openly as they stretch them over their tight abs.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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