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Reunion: Watch What Happens

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Reunion: Watch What Happens

Cohen moves on to highlight the more generalized smack-talk, showing clips of the confessionals in which the models ripped on each other. I don't want to go through it all again, because it's all been recapped and not many of them come out looking good at all. They're jerks, we get it. My favorite is when Ronnie calls everyone "two-faced." Dude. Check thine own two faces in two mirrors, OK? A little picture-in-picture box shows them all react to hearing this stuff, and when the agony is over, Cohen asks Ronnie who he thinks the house's biggest jerk would be. Ronnie says it would be between Dom and Perry. "Oh my God," Perry mutters, again confused about her jerk label, and Dom jumps up to high five him. Perry says he doesn't understand the jerk thing, which proves he hasn't watched a moment of himself on the show.

Next up, the models do a few impressions of each others' catwalks, which is actually pretty funny. Holly walks like Dom, stiff as a robot, and Niki does a perfect impression of Jacki's sexy, jaunty walk. Even forgotten Sarah does a spot-on impression of Ben which he seems to find only mildly amusing. Tyson gets up to do an impression of Ronnie, but it looks far more like the George Jefferson walk than anything Ronnie ever did.

Back from commercials, Cohen continues his junior high quizzing, asking the models who in the house was the best kisser. Since he's kissed the most people, Ronnie gets to vote and he says Aryn, who is appropriately grateful. Apparently they kissed during a truth or dare game when Ronnie had to choose between her or Casey. Now, I think Aryn is mighty fine, but... he passed up Casey?! That must be why they never showed it in the episode. Cohen says that everyone in the house seemed to enjoy kissing Ronnie the most, too. "It's fun," Ronnie says. "I like to kiss." Just how many points do you think Andy Cohen's systolic blood pressure jumped up just then?

This all segues into a montage of the show's steamiest moments. Holly says she feels bad for her fiancé if he's been watching the show week after week with his friends, all watching her make out with everyone, but that he's probably used to it by now. Cohen reads an email from a viewer who says she felt like there was a connection, unexplored, between Perry and Stephanie. The entire room erupts as Stephanie and Perry both laugh, embarrassed. Stephanie says they'd always have a glass of wine at the end of the day and talk about their hopes and dreams and whatnot. "She's a cool girl," Perry says. "She's got a cool vibe." Cohen reveals that Perry said at one point that Stephanie had a bigger crush on him than he had on her. "Oh my God," Stephanie says, rolling her eyes. "You are so obsessed with yourself, I can't even begin to describe it." Exactly. Perry very weakly tries to brush it off, but it's so obvious he said it. Tyson says that Perry and Stephanie would actually make a cute couple, and Perry says yeah, Stephanie's cute and a great girl. They might actually make a fine couple, sure. She's not more attractive than him, and she seems like she can put up with his endless, constant, energetic bullshit.

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