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Reunion: Watch What Happens

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Reunion: Watch What Happens

Cory and Jennifer arrive to join in the fun, and ONCE AGAIN, compliments are slathered like Velveeta on Ronnie. Jennifer thinks he's evolved the most, and giggles like a damn schoolgirl about his transformation from the casting special. She and Cory both laugh about his spray tan and his tattoo shirt. Cory, not content with just kissing Ronnie's ass, must extend himself to also encompass Ben. Why did they bother bringing all these other people in for this show?! Hell, Aryn and Katy both had to fly from Alabama, and being from there, I can tell you that we don't take kindly to the big ir'n birds what fly up in the sky and done drop you in exotic lands. It's hard to get us on them thangs, yew knoooow? Hyuck! Sorry. I am just trying to distract myself from Cory's blabbering about how Ben's stepped up or brought it, or whatever he's saying. Cohen asks Jennifer to explain the difference between girlfriend/boyfriend pretty and model pretty, and of course the camera immediately jumps to Katy, but as examples Jennifer gives Jay and Sarah. I think those are good examples, really -- both are very attractive kids, but she's right. Of course, it's true about Ben, as well, and probably several more of them.

Cohen asks the panel and the models if any more of them read what various blogs were saying about them. It's a bit confusing here, because he could mean the model diaries on the Bravo site, but I think he's talking the Internet in general. Cory says he stopped reading everything, because he didn't want any of it to cloud his judgment and that he couldn't really stand to be called fat one more time. Aw. Jennifer takes pity on him, saying the only thing she's read out there was about what a "bear" he is. "Well," Cory chuckles, "let's not get into that," and nine zillion points go to whatever editor was sure to include Ben's whispered question to Ronnie: "What's a bear?" Cohen brings up one of his own favorite moments of the series -- when Jacki farted on command -- and points out that Cory was really disgusted and enraged by it. I have to back the bear up on that one, really. Cutting the cheese on TV ain't right. Jacki tries to say something, but they don't let her, and Niki adds that her husband adored Jacki from the fart moment and beyond.

We are treated to a string of the panel's most vicious moments, ripping every model up and down. Cohen asks if there's anything the panel has said that has stuck in the models' minds. Of course no one gets to talk but Ben, and he brings up the thing that just happened, when Cory said America voted wrong in sending Casey home over Ben. "That was the kick in the ass I needed," Ben says, and Cory smugly acts like that's what he meant to happen all along, though it so wasn't. Aryn says that when Tyson says she and Jay didn't try during their ill-fated photo shoot, it was tough to hear, because they really did try.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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