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Amanda interviews that you have to worry about your hair and dress when you're underwater and it's like, "Ahh!" Salome is finished practicing and makes her way to the dressing room. Colin asks her, "You can swim?" Like, she learned in 5 minutes? Seriously, pre-med here. She replies "no," like he's just asked her if she can spin her head around. Schatz asks him to act like the net is a cocoon. He interviews that he never learned the trick of hyperventilating. Apparently, someone didn't spend his pre-teen years sinking to the bottom of the pool in order to freak out his mom. We get along fine now, I was just mad about having to go to camp. Colin sinks to the bottom of the pool for his shot, which Schatz commends for its difficulty.

In the dressing room, Laury tells Salome to engage in positive thinking. Salome says that it's hard to think when you feel like you're drowning. Mennonites, what have you wrought? Will Salome be losing her chance to be a supermodel because of your harsh rules against swimming? Mountaha is next and excels. Schatz finds her sexy and likes her photo. Branden is next. Schatz tells him that, since he is good-looking, he doesn't need to do anything with his face. Branden interviews jokingly, "That's what I do best, bitch." Hmm. He's just kidding, but this Schatz guy is a really dad-like guy in his '60s. It feels weird that he said that, like his issues are showing. Branden thinks that he's going to win the challenge.

Jordan tries to give Salome hints on holding her breath, to no avail. Kerryn interviews that all girls want to float through their dreams. I have no idea about that, but I'll take her word. Does every girl want that? Is that a thing? She pulls it off.

Salome is next. She holds onto the side of the pool and makes her way to the deep end. Schatz tells her to listen closely -- he's on her side. He tells her that, if she can't go underwater completely, they will be able to get the shot with her holding onto the side. No, she says, she's going to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. She does one more practice, then tries to grab the wall when she comes up for air. And misses. And the handlers don't even really grab her. And we go to commercial. How can I care about Maybelline when Salome could be dead? She's not dead. Schatz is like, "What's with you guys?" to the people that are supposed to help her and they pull her to safety. She doesn't complain and is a really good sport. She thanks him for putting up with her. She finally takes her photo and it's really good. Schatz thinks that she is very brave and the best actress of the bunch. Salome interviews that she's so glad to have overcome her fear, she doesn't even care what the photo looks like.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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