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Gabe is next. Schatz says the most brilliant thing -- he says that Gabe has a "naturally enigmatic" face, so he'll need to show more emotion. That's the nicest way ever of saying that someone is blank. Schatz interviews that you can't tell if Gabe is feeling anything. Gabe interviews that he is not worried. Laury is next. She's a certified scuba diver, so she can hold her breath for a really long time. However, Schatz tells her that she's freezing her face underwater and it doesn't look good. Jordan is next, he tells her to look like Wonder Woman. Caught in a net. She interviews that she has no strategy for this challenge. Schatz likes her, though, and thinks that she did a beautiful job.

The models return to the condos and get ready for bed, which includes Jonathan trimming his nose hairs. Laury practices her walk with Sandhurst's help. Amanda tells Gabe that she's worried about providing for her son. She has apparently had a lot of problems with her ex and feels that she needs to make this model thing happen. I don't share Jordan's level of hate for her, but Amanda's kind of an idiot. Everyone has problems and that's fine, but when she talks about hers, it's like seems like she just wants attention. She doesn't really care what anyone has to say. She tells Gabe that he's her "rock" and he says that she needs to be her own rock..

The next day, Gabe and Jonathan have an early morning workout. Branden eats a ketchup-drenched breakfast while Salome looks on longingly. That was the best 4 seconds of editing on this show so far. Nicole comes in with their pictures and Branden interviews about how hot she is. Is that in her contract? That people have to say that? She passes the photos out. Gabe is the only one who doesn't love his. Colin shows mild appreciation for his, and Nicole tells him that the photo is "going to get [him] laid, babe." He remarks that it's unusual to hear a supermodel say that to you. Salome looks at her photo and says, "I survived." Nicole says that everyone is proud of her. Amanda is a total bitch about it and says, "Who cares? She got an okay, pretty picture out of it. What's the big deal?" I guess it's not whining about your kid all of the time.

Cory calls and wants to speak to... Jordan! Branden is pissed. Amanda interviews that she didn't think Jordan was a threat at first (though she won the first week of immunity?), but she guesses that she is. Laury says that Jordan has the "It Factor" and could win the competition. Her go-see is at People's Revolution. It's a PR company that specializes in fashion companies. [And hiring reality-show stars. - Z] She chooses Salome -- because of how difficult the shoot was for her. Salome interviews and says that Jordan is thinking competitively -- she's choosing the fattest girl to go with her. She laughs when she says the last part, which makes me like her a lot.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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