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They introduce David Ralph, who teaches models to walk at New York Model Management. Laury says that Colin and Salome need the most help from David. Really? Salome? No one has said anything bad about her walk up to this point, except that she's a fat cow. She walks for David, and he tells her to take the bounce out of her hips. He asks Branden if he was the stud in high school, and Branden laugh-grunts and says yes. David can tell, because... there's nothing happening on Branden's face. Nothing except, "Uh, come look at me, duh." That's amazing. Poor Branden looks shocked. He tells Branden to stand up straighter and keep his shoulders from rounding too much. David tells Gabe that "the lights are not on." He advises him to smile with his eyes. Or, like Jennifer Aniston. He tells Mountaha that she looks like she knows what she's doing. He tells Colin to act like a string is pulling him on his belt buckle. David asks Jonathan to relax, because it looks like he's holding melons under his arms.

The show begins. Kerryn is fine. Colin really has improved. Amanda is fine. Branden interviews that he is really comfortable. He grins at the end of the runway and the judges look as if he peed in their coffee. Salome is worried because she's wearing the most revealing dress, yet is not in "model shape." Sandhurst says that he is ready to win. He unbuttons his jacket as he's walking. Jordan says she didn't realize her skirt was so tight until she was on the runway. She struggles. Laury looks really good on the runway. She wants to make it to the top 10 in this competition, which I can't imagine meaning anything particularly different from being in the top 11. Here's Gabe. The judges all hold hands in joking anticipation and Perou says, "Come on, Gabriel." He blandly interviews that he's really going to try to bring out the smile and sparkle in his eyes. Mountaha rocks the runway.

Afterwards, Tyson introduces the "esteemed" judges, including Alexandre Herchcovitch. He and Mountaha greet each other in Portuguese. Tyson calls Salome, Mountaha, Laury, Sandhurst, Jordan, Branden and Gabe. The rest are safe. Marlon tells Sandhurst that his photo this week was his best. Jenny commends him for unbuttoning his jacket on the catwalk without fumbling, but Perou says that he did fumble. Sandhurst replies that he was uncertain for a moment, but since Jenny didn't notice... Perou is all, "Well, I no'iced." Shut up, Butt Munch. Marlon asks Salome about her photo, and she says that she feels like she overcame her greatest fear. Perou tells her that she's sexy and curvy, which is "girlfriend attractive, not fashion model attractive." Well, Perou, you're neither. You look like a neo-fascist Willy Wonka. Dick. Salome just smiles and nods. He adds that her sexy slink distracts from the clothes, which is not a horrible point. Alexandre says that it looked like Jordan realized her skirt was too tight while she was on the runway. Perou asks of Branden, "What on Earth is going on with you?" He smiles like he's getting praise and looks completely shocked when they tell him he's becoming an egomaniac. Perou, with his many rings and sunglasses inside, tells Branden that he shouldn't be overconfident. Branden says that he misunderstood the challenge and will not be making the catwalk "The Branden Show." Shit, I'd tune in. Jenny tells Gabe that they're always wondering if he'll move his face and this time he did. However, he looked like he was in so much pain from the effort that his eye started twitching. She did like his photo though. Marlon doesn't like Laury's face in her photo. Alexandre tells her to relax. Jenny says that she got the same criticism as a model, so she would think "soft bunnies" to relax her face. Interesting. Marlon tells Mountaha that she looks adorable and he's very proud of her. Alexandre tells her that her photo was very interesting.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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