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Now it's time for the busting. Left on the catwalk are Sarah, Katy, Jacki, and Dominic. Sarah, Tyson says, is just not breaking through. She seems surprised to hear this, and my heart breaks for her a little. Tyson says that Katy is not setting their world on fire right now, and that she needs to be able to do that as a model. He once again expresses the panel's disappointment in Jacki for not baring her ass, tsking heavily, and adds that Dominic's attitude and performance are as stiff as his surfboards. For whatever reason, they've decided that Jacki is safe from the online vote, leaving Dominic, Katy, and Sarah to face the American public. They all look devastated.

Backstage, Jacki expresses her relief at being safe, while Katy tries to keep from crying. "Tyson says, 'Don't take it to the heart, take it to the gym,'" she sighs. "So, I'm gonna take it to the gym."

Next week: Tyson looks sexy! Niki is pretty! Perry's foot! People wear clothes! The vote!

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