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As she waits her turn, Aryn says she is still spinning from this opportunity. Possibly, she is also spinning from her orange ruffle shirt and pink hot pants, but who's to say? Lee says nothing about her. Hmm.

Holly is up next, with her cute hair and pink leotard. Leotard, for real. Holly is not only very attractive, she is prepared with Hot Hands pocket warmers. She generously lets Lee borrow them, and heads up to the platform, while we hear her drawling that this is her dream. She has been trying to model since she was thirteen, going so far as to quit college. Oh, girl. Well, I think she can win, seriously. I like her, and her pictures look great.

Casey says that he plans to try his hardest and never turn his back on anyone, because everyone is a threat. Dude, what's a threat is that insane hat you're wearing all cocked to the side like you're about to march off into the Battle of Vicksburg playing the flute. Casey is so young, and it SO shows. He takes his jacket off early, telling Tyson he has his state of mind already down, and goes up on the platform to work it. He works it way too hard, but you know, he looks great. One of the producers looks at his shots and says something about munching on him? I can't blame the guy. Casey says that since they didn't change poses too much, he gave Lee as much "sex in the eyes" as he could. Heee.

Jay's next, unfortunately attired in a purple visor that makes him look nothing short of Taco Bell night manager. Jay says that all he wants to do in the world is tell his mama she doesn't have to work anymore, "'cause she been workin' all her life." I love Jay, man. And Jay loves Tyson -- apparently enough to put posters of him up on his walls growing up. Lee says that Jay is not the most natural of models, and so he found him to be one of the hardest to work with.

Finally, it's over. Tyson is amazed at how well the contestants did. Lee says that the one who stood out the most was Stephanie (yawn), and that the ones who really did not do much for him were Katy (uh!), and FRANKIE (what?!) "But, who knows?" he adds. "It's their first shoot."

And now, the big reveal: the house! The models are taken, by limo, to their new digs. No claustrophobic model apartment with five girls sleeping on futons -- no. Rather, they'll be living in a $20 million town home, fully decked out from top to bottom. Of course, they all run around wildly. "When I walked in here," says Perry, "I thought: 'this is how I want to live.'" An amazing revelation, to be sure, since most of us would prefer to live in squalor. "I wanted to piss my pants," says Robbie, amazed at the place. He says that he and Ben had already made plans to run in and find their the same room. BEN, PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE PRETTY, PRETTY GAY MAN. Oh, Ben. You're never going back to Nashville, are you? Ben says that he's not used to living like this -- he's accustomed to being at home, in one bed, with his wife, not in a twin bed with another guy in the room. When Ronnie breaks his heart, dumping him to go back with the porn star, I hope Ben is okay and can find consolation back at the prison.

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