Making the Band
A Furor In Germany

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"I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening."

The concert. Finally. "All or Nothing" is up on the torture bill first. The best part about this is that Dan's obviously just given up and doesn't know the words to the song anymore. He sings them like a German girl would, and you can read his lips: "Army Does Flands!" Is this the part of the season where I get to pick all or nothing? Because I'm totally ready to make my choice.

I'm not even recapping the last retarded segment where the boys finish the movie, bid us hello, and then wonder where Ashley took off to. They leave in time for Ashley to come back from the bathroom and wonder where the boys are. Dammit! I accidentally recapped it! Damn you, O-Town! I'll get you next time, O-Town. Next tiiiiiiime.

Next time, someone tells O-Town that their debut album was a "skin-crawling horror," and then the leader of skin-crawling horrors tries to get one of his skin-crawling masterpieces on the next album. Call up the Crypt Keeper. Clive Davis's trying to take his gig!

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Making the Band




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