Making the Band
A Furor In Germany

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"I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening."

Shots of Germany. The title card reads: "At the Hotel...Frantic Over Ashley." It's Trevor and Dan sticking fruit in their upper gums under their lips. They look like extras from Planet of the Apes. Trevor goofs around, pretending Dan's his "Pa." He says that all the kids at school make fun of him. Dan's got the giggles. "You're special, son," Dan says. "And don't let anybody tell you any different." I'm laughing here, because it's nice to see the boys goof around and have fun. See? This is funny. Trevor says, "I said that I was special, and they still made fun of me." "Don't let anybody make fun of you, Son," Dan says and they break down in giggles. Then they have to go back to acting. They walk over to their hotel-room door and open it to see the six girls who have been planted there to scream. The girls scream, and the boys joke around with fruit still in their mouths. Music plays until the boys shut the door. One of the girls was late on her cue to "freak out." The boys giggle, wondering, I hope, when they get their own lives back again.

More establishing shots of Germany. Ashley finally asks this girl's name. It's Susan. Ashley introduces himself again, and Susan screams that she knows his name is Ashley. She says, "I see you and I say, 'Okay, I ask him.' I ask him, 'Are you Ashley?' And you are! You are Ashley." Ashley asks if the hotel is far. Susan says that it is, even though she said earlier that it wasn't. She says she'd like to stop at her friend's house to show him off because her friend is a huge fan and it'd mean a lot to her. Ashley asks if it's on the way. Susan says it is, so Ashley agrees to go since he appreciates the ride so much. No cell phones or pay phones or taxis in Germany. Just helpful strange German girls. The editors make a joke by showing us a shot of a neon sign that reads "Schmuck."

I don't know German, so I don't know when they're fucking with the subtitles, or if the girls are "acting" these lines, or a combo of both, but Susan shows up at her friend's apartment and announces in German that she's got a surprise for her. She points at Ashley. The girl freaks out as if she didn't know Ashley was coming, even though she had a camera crew inside of her apartment already. Ashley hugs her and says hello and as the girl goes to shut the door a light goes off in the hallway, making me think that perhaps Ashley just made an entrance through a bedroom or bathroom door instead of a real hallway. A blonde girl walks up and hugs Ashley. The subtitle tells us that one girl says to the other, "He's beautiful! How long can we keep him!" The girls are hugging, so I'm not buying it. They ask why the girl didn't bring the rest of O-Town. Susan leads the group into the sparse apartment and says that the rest of the band got away before she could grab them.

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Making the Band




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