Making the Band
A Furor In Germany

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"I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening."

Establishing shots of Germany. Ashley asks Susan if they're far from the hotel. She says they're not too far. She gets a phone call. The subtitles tell us she's telling her friend that Ashley is very gullible and will go for anything. She says she'll bring him right over. She hangs up, turns to Ashley, and says that she'd really like to stop at another friend's apartment because it would mean a lot to her friend who's a huge fan and blah, blah, blah scriptcakes. Ashley says he doesn't know how he could do it, even though it would be "the biggest pleasure" for her.

Establishing shots of Germany and they're at the other friend's apartment. It looks strangely exactly like the last apartment. Susan pushes Ashley into the room. He says, "Hey." The two girls sitting on some kind of bed-looking thing are very surprised and happy to see Ashley. They get breathless and try to fix their hair as Ashley comments that they have O-Town posters all over their apartment. These two girls are about fourteen, so I don't know how this is their apartment. The posters are incredibly fake. It's five copies of one poster fanned out and taped to the wall. Like all teenaged girls do.

"Still Panicked Over Ashley." Still Wondering How Long This Will Go On. Trevor, Jacob, Dan, and the Mikes are pretending to have a meeting as paid teenaged girls outside chant "O-Town." Dan stops eating room service and stands to look out the window with Jacob. Trevor opens the balcony door and chuckles when he sees the thirty girls screaming below. Jacob, Trevor, and Dan play Eva Peron. Screaming and applauding. Nine girls chant "O-Town."

Man, it doesn't get much cheesier than this. There's a knock at the door. Everyone is quiet for a second. Jacob says he hopes it's Security. Silent Mike says he doubts it's Ashley. Silent Mike answers. It's a bellman, and the subtitle reads: "If the blond one doesn't return, can I join your band? Everyone tells me I look like Ikaika." Silent Mike slams the door in the kid's face. He knocks again. Mike answers. "You have to leave the hotel," the bellman says in perfect English. "Because your fans are disturbing all the other guests." Silent Mike badly acts that he can't believe they're getting kicked out. He shuts the door with an "okay," and tells the boys they've been kicked out. Nobody is really that upset, because it's not really happening. Then we freeze on shots of the boys as we hear frantic voice-overs. Erik: "We've been kicked out!?" Trevor: "Ashley is still missing!" Jacob: "Hmm. I wonder if Clive likes my songwriting." It's like I'm dreaming this episode, and soon I'll wake up and find myself with my cat on my chest, sticking his muzzle in my ear.

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Making the Band




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