Making the Band
A Furor In Germany

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"I'm Not Here. This Isn't Happening."

We're back in the fake theater for another fake segment segue. Erik tells us that Ashley's been kidnapped, and they just got kicked out of their hotel. Trevor asks how they got kicked out of their own hotel in their own movie. "Dude!" Jacob shouts. "All the cool bands get kicked out of their hotels!" The boys all nod fiercely, but they don't know the names of any real bands, so they all just stop talking. "Roll it" is all Erik can think to say.

Ashley's leaving the fake O-Town-loving apartment, telling the girls that he and Susan wanted to stop by and say hello. "No fair! You said we could keep him!" read the subtitles. The girls ask in English for five minutes. Ashley says he'd love to stay five minutes, but he can't. The girl has a total freak-out, jumping up and down and pleading. Ashley makes his "torn" face, but has no real choice.

Cut to the full meal that Ashley's consuming with the girls. Ashley wins for best line as he gestures to the food and says to a woman that I'm assuming is playing the role of Susan's mother, "Mrs. Peterslig, this is delicious!" Hee. He asks what it is. Mrs. Peterslig says in German that Ashley's eating goose fat. Ashley doesn't understand, so Susan translates and then makes noises that are supposed to sound like a goose. I can't believe they don't pull the ol' "Oh-wah-tah-goo-siam" bit with Ash here, since he's game for anything. The subtitles tell us the redhead's saying, "Did that little brat Maria really get his t-shirt?" The other girl "says" she needs something of Ashley's to sell on eBay. Susan asks Ashley to give up something else of his. Ashley laughs and says he doesn't have anything left.

Cut to Ashley walking in wearing Mr. Peterslig's trousers. The girls are standing holding his jeans. "Sank que! Sank que!" they say without any real passion. Ashley thanks them for the goose fat and says goodbye. He thanks Mr. Peterslig for his pants. They danke and skedaddle.

More German establishing shots. It's night now. Ashley is just now starting to realize he's been kidnapped, but he says it in a way that it might just be that he and Susan recently had sex. Otherwise, what the fuck, Ash? Susan finally takes Ashley to his hotel. "So, I did not kidnapping [sic] you," she says. Ashley thanks her.

A song repeats from earlier that is still not by O-Town as the boys walk past screaming fans.

Ashley thanks Susan "for the ride" and runs into the hotel.

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Making the Band




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