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Last dance with the opening credits. Do you think they'll make new ones for Season Four? Go ahead, make your bets.

The boys perform "American Game" in London. Here's what's happening. Jacob's new "vision" for the band is to turn them into Bon Jovi. So "American Game" is a mix of Bon Jovi, Black Crowes, Extreme, and Maggie's Dream. And on that last little musical nugget I just tossed off like some rock geek, I've not only shown my age, but the incredibly horrible taste in music I had when I was a pre-teen. Anyway, the crowd seems to like it, because the boys are singing live, they're not dancing poorly, and they appear to be having a good time. Tesla. It's like Tesla. Are you getting what I'm saying? Bad guitar rock that's supposed to be some kind of hippie thing but just ends up being bad pop renditions of rock. It's been in my head since last night and I want to cry. Suddenly the song shatters into this instrumental break where Gunther from Friends jams out between Dan and Jacob. It's hysterical. Little white goatee. Expression on his face clearly reads, "I hate myself. I can't even tell my parents what it is I do because they'll laugh at me. I'm so lonely. I wish Ashley would come visit my hotel room more often." I can't stop giggling because Dan's shirt says "Wood" and I'm seven. You want to know how shitty this song is? This lyric: "If you don't give a damn, y'all raise your hand!" Jacob pronounces this "Yuh-all."

Jacob tells us that he wrote "American Game" with Dan, and that they were "leery" of how the song was going to "come across." Backstage, Jacob and the boys are very proud of themselves over how well "American Game" went that night. Jacob says he couldn't hear anybody, but what he could see was positive. What? Who can he see from that stage? Silent Mike says these three words: "Came on awesome." Who knows what that's supposed to mean? Dan brags that he was a rock star. Boston Mike corrects that Dan was almost like a rock star. Dan brags that he was almost like a rock star. Boston Mike makes fun of Dan's bendy-neck affliction and how it makes him play the guitar like a dork. You know, through it all, Dan's my favorite. He's not the eye candy, but he just seems like a really funny, nice person. WOOOOO!!! Jacob moans that he wishes Clive could have seen the show that night so that he could know that audiences in London love this new song. Jacob complains to us that the entire first album was love songs, and once they got past the first verse of "American Game," the London crowd was totally into the song, singing along. You can't help it, since "I played the American Game" is sung a million times. Jacob says that Clive won't really be able to feel the song if he listens to it from behind his desk. He adds that he can't understand how this song might not be on the record.

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Making the Band




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