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Ashley is still singing the song in another room on another day. Singing it to Rich, I think. Ashley brags that the song sounds like Santana. He uses an air guitar so we know who Santana is. Rich tries not to openly laugh at Ashley. Ashley says he'll be "seriously disappointed" in himself if he doesn't get a song on the record. Jesus, Ashley, haven't you been listening to what everyone's been saying to you since you guys started writing your own songs? It's not going to happen. They are placating you while they try to figure out what to do with O-Town. Rich is unable to speak a line of English that makes any sense. He says a sentence with the word "like" in it four times. I don't know why they keep telling us over and over again that people are writing songs for O-Town, O-Town's writing songs for O-Town and probably Clive isn't going to like any of O-Town's songs. I get it. We get it. Everybody gets it but Ashley, who gets it from Erik every night. Lame joke, I know. It's late. Sue me. Ashley says he really wants to get a song on the album and he wants to write sixty songs like Rich did. Rich quickly says that Ashley doesn't have to do that and that it's not normal to write sixty songs (because there's no way in hell he really did that, I'm sure, and he doesn't want Ashley getting him busted for lying later).

New York. Mike on the Mike want to know what songs the boys are going to pitch. Ashley's pitching "By Your Side." Jacob's submitting "American Game." Erik's submitting "Get Away." Dan: "Yes or No." Trevor, Ashley, and Dan all say "A Girl Like That," as if each of them is taking credit for writing the song. Once again, Rich reminds the boys that just seeing Clive in person is something that most artists don't get to do and they should feel lucky and blah, blah, blah okay I GET IT. You know who's not getting it? O-fucking-Town. They just want a song on the album. They want a song on the album. A song? Just put it over there. On the album. I can't tell Boston Mike and his brother apart. Ashley gets a giggle fit and admits that now he's nervous about presenting the songs to Clive, as if it's just now dawning on him that his song might not make it on the album. Once again, Boston Mike reminds them that they've just got to feel honored for even having a meeting, for getting to breathe near molecules that Clive's breathing. That they get to live on this same Earth that Clive lives on. Ashley's all, "So, you mean even though my song will get on the album, there's a chance that one of the other guys might not get his song on the album?" Ashley's so confident. Blowjobs only go so far, Ash. You'll learn eventually.

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Making the Band




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