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Erik's crap song is up next. Clive mocks it. "I'm not reacting to this one, I think, melodically and it's an okay song." I speak fluent Clive. They tell him to dig deeper.

Trevor reminds us again that this is an opportunity and that they should be thankful and blah blah blah blah blah blah we get it oh man do we get it.

Ashley acts like "A Girl Like That" was just sitting in his back pocket like that last Christmas present when your parents pretend that there are no more presents and then your big present is in the other room. Ashley name-drops Rich Cronin here so that Clive will listen to the song. Clive listens to the song and bops his head. Trevor gets the best line: "This is probably the most incredible thing ever because Clive's listening to a song I wrote...uh along with Dan and Ashley, but I wrote it and he's loving it." I can already see the problems. Dan tells us that he's seen Clive bop his head around before and still not take the song. Ashley and Dan start making out they love the sound of their own voices so much. Clive says that this is the strongest piece he's heard out of all the crap they fed him today. Ashley and Dan high-five. Clive compliments the lyrics. He loves him some Rich Cronin, I guess. He says it's a "real good song." Dan dances around and sings to us that Clive liked their song.

Next scene? Clive's pretty much telling them that none of their songs are going on the next album, but they can keep filling their down time with songwriting because at least it keeps them off drugs. Clive compliments the boys on their stage "magic," their chemistry together, and how great they are as O-Town. Dan tells us that he thinks Clive respects them more now that he knows they're writing good songs.

Erik says they're not just five lucky guys picked off the street to perform in a band. They're five lucky guys picked off the street to perform in a band and some of them know how to play beginner's guitar and write songs with other people.

The season wraps up with still shots of the boys and a montage of this episode as if we've all grown and come so far over the past twenty minutes. They can't even close the season with an O-Town song. I love it. Then it's just over with a still shot of O-Town staring at us, daring us to come back for season four. Will you be there? Let's find out.

Hey, O-Town. Keep in touch.

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Making the Band




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