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FakeAshley is very happy with the way that all of this has gone. He points out the pretty night sky. Thankfully, the director calls a wrap right afterward, and the crowd cheers just as loudly as I do.

Ah, shit. It's just the boat that's a wrap. They still have the beach scenes to do. The same day or is this shit all out of order? Ah, forget it. Teach us more, FakeTrevor: "Being together with these guys, you know, it's only been one day, it's just awesome. Feeling like brothers already. Got a nice brotherhood going." Maybe if I wrote their lines out like poetry they'd be more profound.

"FakeAshley Speaks"
Just like
Making the Band --
we're thrown together
but we became
so close
because we love
doing this.


Day three in Malibu. Did they stay at the Argyle last night? Why no late-night antics? Acoustic guitar jams by the pool? Puking at the Saddle Ranch? Oh, wait. They're fourteen. See? I keep forgetting. They were totally at home with their parents last night.

PseudoAshley: "Nikki definitely...uh...pumped everybody up a lot harder." Backing away from that one.

Okay, this time? A play. Maybe it sounds more intelligent as a play.

The Girl Is Mine

FakeJake: Nikki's playin' all the...she's got going from one guy to the next and it's hurtin''s hurting my, my feelings, pretty much.
Nikki: Pretty much just um...had my time with each of the, running in the water, sitting on the rocks...dancing.
FakeAshley: Out of all of us? Dancing with her? I think she digs me?
FakeErik: I think I'm, I'm, I'm at the top right now I think...uh, I connected with her the best. I mean, she can have a little fun with everybody else, you know, but deep down inside she's all mine. ALL MINE, GUYS!
FakeJake: [shaking his head, returning the cap to his water] He's a liar. She doesn't even like him. She told me earlier.
FakeErik: Those dreadlocks are a little bit too tight, that's what I think.
StupidNikki: Who's my favorite? I plead...the fifth.
FakeErik: Who did she say? Who did she say? Who did she say?
FakeAshley: I think she said me.
FakeErik: Aw.
FakeAshley: [something unintelligable]
FakeErik: No, with all seriousness, though, look, let's, let's mature a little bit. Um, I'm gonna get the girl.

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