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Two Men Enter, Nobody Leaves

We see a plane approaching us in incredibly slow motion as we listen as Trevor and his dad have a phone conversation. Trevor has a couple of days off, and he'd like to spend some time in New York with his dad. Trevor's dad says he'll have to try to get the time off. He makes it sound like he knows that Trevor doesn't really understand the value of the dollar, and that obviously Trevor isn't doing well enough to let both of his parents retire like that nice girl Beyoncé did for her folks.

We see Trevor's dad and Trevor get into a cab. Trevor's dad has worn his finest white t-shirt for today's events. Trevor tells us that when things have gotten really tough in his life, it's his dad who always makes Trevor feel better. He says he needs to be around somebody who makes him feel like home right now. Trevor's dad tells him that being in O-Town is just like being in the armed forces. I thought PapaTrevor was referring to Lou Pearlman's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, but apparently he means all of the long hours, the rigorous schedules, and the homesickness. Trevor is already in tears. PapaTrevor tells Trevor that he'll get used to it.

Shot of Paramount again. Hello, He Lied, indeed. Ashley's at Lynda Obst Productions, for some reason, and a young woman (Production Executive Elizabeth Hooper) is over-enthusiastically blowing smoke up Ashley's ass, telling him how Ashley might want to break away from O-Town every once in a while and be his own very special person. Ashley says he'd love to get a supporting role in a feature film where people would walk away saying, "Wow, I didn't expect that from him." How is that any different than what he does now? Maybe he means the tone in which we say that sentence. Ashley tells us that sometimes he likes having people recognize him as an "individual" and not "Ashley, the blond-haired guy from O-Town." That's Mister Blond-Haired Guy From O-Town to you, buddy. ["Plus since only about fourteen people even know what O-Town is, and fewer than that know who's in it, I don't think he should worry so much about his public image." -- Wing Chun] Elizabeth tells Ashley that she's got a line outside the door of people who want an opportunity to showcase themselves, so she needs to see something actually resembling talent from young Angel here.

Establishing shots of New York. I've never been, so I can't tell you if they're misleading. PapaTrevor is showing young Trevor his old stomping grounds. Specifically, they're looking at the apartment PapaTrevor grew up in. Trevor explains again where they are, and then tells us that he's never been there before. "It's boarded up," PapaTrevor says. The room, which must be condemned at this point, has a giant piece of wood over the door. Trevor starts crying again as PapaTrevor tells him that there were eight people living in that tiny apartment. He gives that whole "it sounds bad" martyr speech, as if they actually put on tiny plays and made beautiful music together in there as if it wasn't all "me da's on the dole" as it seems. Trevor's crying again, and I wonder why Trevor's the only one showing actual emotion on this show this season. Trevor explains to us again what his father just said, but I understand English, so I don't need the recapping from Trevor. Then PapaTrevor scolds Trevor for trying to break into the apartment. Trevor's trying to rip down the piece of wood, but PapaTrevor pulls him away, saying that the room's probably demolished and that they'll get in trouble if he keeps it up. Trevor teases his dad for being scared. Trevor says that even if the cops were called, they wouldn't show up for five hours, anyway.

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