Making the Band
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Celebrity Deathmatch: Jacob Underwood vs. Ikaika Kahoano

Jacob is fed up with not being front and center, so he pipes up next. Sternly, he tells Ikaika that his departure continues to irritate him. "You have missed everything...the bonding, brotherhood, family meetings, the new dance, recording," Jacob lists, adding that it ticks him off that Ikaika went home when the pressure turned up for everyone else. He yields the floor to Bryan Chan, who thankfully cuts to the chase. "We all obviously gave a lot up and left behind a lot of stuff to come here and pursue this," he reminds a chagrined Ikaika. Acknowledging that med school, family and Malia are important factors, Bryan notes that everyone has vital people and places in their lives, and yet they've all been able to focus on the group. Ikaika must, too. "Are you willing to be in this group?" Bryan asks. Trevor's turn comes before we hear an answer. His gripe, Trev explains, is that when Ikaika returned after Christmas, he claimed he never practiced, never thought about it, and did not even ruminate about anyone from Orlando. Trevor can't understand that mindset. Finally, Ashley spells it out: "Up to this point, there was the feeling of, 'What's been going on with Ikaika?' and what your level of commitment was. It's not like we have a whole lot of time left." I wonder what happened to the Ashley that offered Ikaika a shoulder to cry on and a friendly ear when he needed one. Shelli must have devoured that Ashley during an intense round of nooky.

Ikaika digests everything he's heard, and slowly speaks. He says he watched the guys bonding and felt left behind. Ikaika, that's what happens when you refuse to go out with the others and, as in the second show, you assert a desire to completely avoid hanging out with anyone but Bryan Chan. Baby, you hitched your wagon to the wrong star. "There's nothing I can say to make up for lost time," Ikaika says. "I'm sorry that I left, you know, and I didn't know how you guys felt." Trevor gulps and offers one last opinion: "I just don't think it's fair for you to take the spot of one of us, when we've worked so hard and you were at home chillin' in Hawaii." Not content to leave it there, Jacob clenches his hands, then pumps up his ego by pumping up the tension. "I have to go with my heart, man." There is a fifteen-second pause during which the camera is fixed on Jacob, the drama queen who's milking each second of fame by opening his mouth, taking a breath, closing it, looking away, looking back...finally, unable to get over himself, Jacob opts for another speech. "I cannot trust my career in your hands. As hard as it is to say" -- not very, judging by the last three shows and the last fifteen minutes -- "my vote stands that if you make it, I won't be a part of this group." Ikaika looks down, stunned that Jacob is prepared to sign the contract and then face enormous, costly lawsuits just to avoid sharing the stage with him.

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Making the Band




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