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The tour bus. The boys are all sharing their date experiences in this completely candid, unscripted moment. Dan says that they went bowling. Everyone falls asleep. Erik brags that he went disco dancing, and that they would have paid to see him in his "John Travolta" suit. Trevor brags that he had the coolest date. He mimes indoor skydiving. Jacob says his ass is bruised from his date. Booty Girl wouldn't stop smacking him. "At least she didn't try to marry you," Ashley says. It gets all quiet in the van and Silent Mike solemnly says, "Yeah, marriage is a commitment, man." Ashley explains to the boys that it was like a real wedding. They all tease Ashley for signing the papers. "Nothing gets by Ashley," Dan jokes. "He pays attention to all the little things." Silent Mike says that he and Mike reviewed the certificate, and it says that Ashley and *~~TaMmiE~~* are legally married. Ashley screams, "It was pretend! I checked it out!" Everyone starts teasing him for being married. "Shut up! You're freaking me out!" Ashley smiles. The boys all congratulate Ashley on his new life with his new bride and applaud the happy couple as U2's "A Beautiful Day" drowns out the antics of life on the road. "The toaster oven's from me and Mike," we hear as we watch the van drive off in slow motion. "Shut up!" Ashley shouts. Ah, musicians. Such fun.

Next week Erik pretends to be angry at the band. Something happens on TRL.

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Making the Band




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