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Thank God for TyJuan, whose mere visage cheers me up. "It would've been difficult no matter who left," he says. Jacob does a double-take. "Someone left?" he thinks to himself, vaguely aware that there's fewer people around. "They didn't consult me." TyJuan proceeds to remind them that singing and dancing aren't the only ingredients for a light, airy O-Town that doesn't collapse in the oven. No, it's about image, he says. "It's time to make it happen," TyJuan says, cuing up the hip-hop rhythms. In a wacky triple-split screen, we see the guys doing sit-ups and synchronizing shoulder movements. Erik steps into the confessional. "It'll take a lotta time to recondition myself and get to the place where going home and practicing, going to bed early and eating right is my way of living," he says. We see Hot Lips himself doing sit-ups, and struggling. Ikaika chips in that there's a performance in eleven days, so there's no time to mess around. "We have to be on our game, and get our act together," he says. "I'm actually scared. We don't have the luxury of time." The guys stand in a row, turning their heads and moving their shoulders. They grunt. Ashley's wearing…a fedora? What is he, a 1950s journalist? Oh, man.

Raymond del Barrio pops back on-screen to crack the whip while TyJuan takes a breather. He's singling out Hot Lips. "What I see is that Erik wants to do his own thing, and he's gonna do his own thing," Raymond snipes. "You're bringing down the whole thing." During the reprimand, Hot Lips pouts, although I'm not sure he has much choice -- a pair of kissers that big pretty much does its own thing. Ikaika's voice-over points out that Erik's his biggest concern: He's "very egotistical, very caught up in his own ego," Ikaika says. "It irritates me." The camera still hasn't cut away from Erik, who's staring away to the side, looking like an angry young man. Raymond notes that unless Hot Lips pipes up when he's lost or behind, "I'm going to keep coming down on you" -- off-camera, Lou chortles suggestively -- "and that's what you don't like." Pout, pout, pout. We get it.

The guys practice their new slow song, and Ikaika's on the lead microphone. His voice sounds rather good, but the five of them together really haven't meshed yet. Jacob's obsessed with leadership, as usual, saying he's shocked that no one's really jockeying for the Top Dog job. "There's no leader. There's a lot of individuals coming together to make an idea, then splitting apart to achieve it in different ways," Jacob gripes. "It's a big, annoying…circle." Apparently, Jacob's been taking eloquence lessons from Erik-Michael. Meanwhile, TyJuan wants the guys to go see C-Note, a B-list band (with a downward bullet) that TyJuan's trying to pass off as an A-level act. He figures seeing a "real" group will highlight just how far O-Town has to go, but unfortunately the best he can come up with is C-Note, so he crosses his fingers and hopes there's a lesson there somewhere.

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Making the Band




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