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Lou and Dakari chill in the Trans Con studio. "This board only makes hits!" Lou chortles, pointing at the equipment. "Do this. It's a hit-maker, this board right here is a hit-maker." A horse drops dead, and Lou beats it. Ikaika steps up to the microphone to record harmonies for the love ballad, and the captioners again come through with the "off-key" designation. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes, wincing. Dakari coaches the right breathy tone from him, and Ikaika records it successfully but strains his vocal range. "That's kinda high," Ikaika laughs uncomfortably. "I don't care, you went there!" celebrates Dakari. "You shouldn't have done it, but you did, and now I'm lovin' it and you're gonna do it. I'm gonna find some range in you, boy," Dakari cackles evilly. Outside the booth, Dakari plays it back for Ikaika, who blushes and high-fives Jacob. "Ikaika's started to embrace this entire situation, his whole attitude has changed totally," Jacob semi-enthuses. Ikaika must have pulled this newfound interest out of the second asshole Jacob ripped him two episodes ago. Ashley's stunned at Ikaika's range, and can't duplicate the technique. "My voice always cracks on me," he laughs, blasting out a few notes that sound like he's speaking Wookie. Ikaika becomes the third person in twenty minutes to mention how much he's given up in relation to O-Town, and he commits himself to doing it correctly. "Right then, that's when I changed my mind about Ikaika," Erik-Michael recalls. "Maybe he becomes a performer like no other." Dakari makes a joke about Ikaika's new confidence. "Excuse me, I'm going solo now," he jokes, pretending to be a strutting Ikaika. Trevor wants in on the fun, so he slaps hands with Ikaika.

Hot Lips boogies through the house with embarrassing moves, evoking painful memories of misfits gettin' their grooves on in The Breakfast Club. His shirt's on inside-out AGAIN -- good thing he'll have people to dress him for public appearances. "I wanted to give Ikaika a clean slate, and wanted to keep my sanity," Erik says. "It's the only way anything's going to be productive at this point." So he makes peace by asking Ikaika to lift weights with him. It's so touching that I need absolutely no hankies whatsoever. None. Zilch. Erik tries lifting three sets of weights as a joke, balking because they're far too heavy for him. As we see them work up a sweat, Erik admits Ikaika has "potential," and says he's impressed by the sharing and joking Ikaika's done since Lou made the cut. "This is stuff that we need to grow, and he's done it," Erik says. Ikaika shakes his hand after completing push-ups.

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Making the Band




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