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Previously in Ikaika's life: Malia. No one mentioned Malia's name last episode, so it's important to remind us -- lest we forget -- that if Ikaika had to choose between O-Town and orgasm, he'd pick the latter in a heartbeat. Previously with everyone else: Jacob vehemently disagreed with Ikaika's assertion that they always try their hardest in rehearsals. "The performance that really matters is Friday," Ashley shared. "It's bigger and there will be record executives there." Next up, a reminder that Erik spaced out and missed his harmony during the final practice. Jacob yelled at everyone because, in life, they're more flawed than he. "We're the reason you look bad, that's the reason you're thinking in your head," Ashley told him ineloquently -- but the fact that someone finally said it outweighs this verbal fumble. Jacob mouthed off about the extra pressure making things harder.

It's early in the morning and at the O-zone, Ikaika's tucked tightly into his makeshift bed under the table. He's talking to Malia on the red Bat Phone. "I'm at the point where I'm actually starting to like being here," Ikaika tells her. "That's cool. I'm having fun now." Malia sputters something that we can't hear, to which Ikaika replies, "I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm gonna see my babe." With all the syrup in Ikaika's voice, I could flavor a hundred cases of Coke and have enough left for my morning pancakes. Jacob interrupts to tell Ikaika they have to warm up in twenty minutes. We see Ikaika's underwear band poking out from under his pajama pants. Jockey: The only cotton briefs for the wishy-washy, obsessive tenor in your life.

In the kitchen, Trevor, Ikaika and Jacob croon "All For Love" to stretch and warm up their vocal cords. "The morning of the House of Blues concert was cool because there was excitement in the air," Ashley says, his eyes glowing in the confessional. "I felt it, and I felt it from the rest of the guys practicing in the living room." Cut to that room, where all five sing a cappella. They're not as bad as I expected, but then again, they're also standing still. Motion appears to be the irritant that throws them off kilter in concert. Damn you, kinetics! Damn youuuuu! Jacob cuts in to tell us why we should care about the upcoming show -- there will be record executives in the audience. "This is a huge business move," he notes. "We're trying to get signed with a distributor, so we have to be as good as possible." Meanwhile, the guys continue to sing in the living room. A monkey swings by, moving from branch to branch of the lush and rather excessive foliage that decorates the house. Lou briefly contemplates trading Trevor for the ape, but decides against it because the beast lacks Trevor's well-defined arm and shoulder muscles.

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Making the Band




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