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Jacob has decided to play "Meant For You" to Clive. Because he likes taking a beating, I guess. Jacob tells us he wanted Clive to have "some kind of an idea" on where Jacob "wanted to take O-Town's music." Jacob bops offbeat to his own song as Clive decides in .02 seconds that he doesn't like it. Jacob tells us that he thinks this song could fit that "Love Should Be a Crime" sound this group has. This group doesn't have a "Love Should Be a Crime" sound. That's what Clive was just telling you. That song was a mistake. There are other people in the room listening, but we don't get to see their pained expressions as Jacob sings. He really should have gotten Ashley to sing it for the audition track. It might have gone over better with Clive. Who can turn down Ashley? We watch Jacob shrivel up and die inside as Clive tells him that this is just a simple pop song and doesn't really go very deep lyrically. When you can't see Clive and you just hear him, it sounds like he's talking from behind a mask, like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. Clive takes a moment to mock the lyrics, which aren't any different than those of "...Baby One More Time." Jacob says he understands that some songs need more lyrical depth, but that this one was just to put a smile on your face. Aw. Jacob should have brought in his Christian song and then heard what Clive had to say. Clive says that this song is an "album card" and not a candidate for a single. That's better than nothing, Jacob. He spits at us, "It's all about testing, and business and profits...and that's just a bunch of B.S." Oooooooh. "B.S." Jacob is hella pissed, you guys. He said two letters that meant a bad word.

Jacob recaps to Trevor what happened with Clive. He says that he was bummed because Clive didn't seem to like the song too much. Jacob just repeats everything that just happened, so I'm not recapping it again. "It's all good, dude," Trevor concludes. Jacob says that his song is just a "straight-up love song" and that it can't be more than that. Clive didn't say it won't go on the album, for Pete's sake. Jacob says that he's written many songs for Janie, but that this is the first time he had the opportunity to put it on an album. Trevor says that the most important thing is to write songs that people can hear, and if that means they hear it in a concert or on a street it doesn't matter. Someone gave Trevor smarts this episode. I wonder what happened to Erik. Where is he? Jacob says he just wants Janie to hear it. Trevor says that they'll do the song at the concert Janie's attending. Aw, Trev. You can't make any decisions like that.

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Making the Band




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