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Mike on the Mike are having a meeting on the tour bus. Check out this bullshit. "XL," whoever that is, wants to run a promotion with the boys in Orlando. They will hold a contest to find one "singer" with "talent" and then host this person in their home for a week. The winner will go to rehearsals and a show and blah, blah, blah and then at the end of the week the winner will have a showcase where he or she will sing for nobody. Why? Who does this help? Of course the boys don't want to deal with this, and are more concerned about their own careers and everything. Mike on the Mike tell them they have to, and that whenever they have a meeting, it's not to find out their opinions to come to an agreement, but rather to inform the boys what's going to happen to them next. They tell the boys that promotion is just as important as performance, so the performance will suffer this week so that some radio station in Orlando is happy. Does Mike on the Mike understand that this show will suffer this week as well? Because this makes for some boring programming. Boston Mike's accent is sliding. Where did it go? Because they assume we're idiots, Boston Mike explains what's going to happen, and then Ashley explains it to us again. Except Ashley lets it slip that the winner will be a boy, where Boston Mike was trying to be all unisex with his use of third-person plural pronouns. Jacob and Erik celebrate the idea that they get to yell at this new kid on the block.

Orlando. Some DJ allows himself to be called "Chad Pitt." I'm filled with DJ hate again. XL is a radio station, XL-106.7. Why would O-Town be so concerned with promoting inside Orlando? Is the Orlando demographic really that important? The DJ explains the audition and the contest a-fucking-gain while we see a line of people who are most likely waiting to get inside Universal Studios and not waiting to audition, since most of them haven't even bothered to look decent, and almost all of them appear to be over twenty years old.

Ignoring the comic gold that is the audition montage, we cut right to the five finalists; for some reason, Dan and the boys have to explain to us again that they are going to watch the five finalists audition and then pick a winner. Ashley explains to us that this is a "role reversal," because now he's auditioning a boy instead of auditioning himself. Is everyone following this high concept? Great. Erik then explains again: "We're auditioning guys." Because I forgot what was happening. Damn this narcolepsy. Thank God MTV caters to the brain-dead demographic, or I'd forget what I was watching. Trevor tells us this makes him flash back to when he was auditioning for Lou. We see a flashback, all in black-and-white so we don't get confused and think that Trevor is auditioning for Trevor to play Trevor in The Trevor Story. I've never seen Trevor's audition before. I can't believe he still made it even with that strange hand motion he did on "I'll be twenty in ten days."

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