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Out in the waiting area (and I'm aware that this is the only place where any boy on this show is officially "out"), the finalists debate what the boys of O-Town must be looking for. Helpful J.D. notes, "Well, I bet they saw something in each one of us." I'll skip the obvious joke again. Poor Scott thinks that this contest is some kind of stepping stone where after O-Town they'll be the next...what, Usher? Who do they think they'll become? Brian McKnight? I don't even know who Brian McKnight is. They just keep mentioning him on this show.

Erik asks whether they're looking for some kind of "all-around performer" like #5. The stripper-boy is all up in O-Town's faces in the flashback, crooning to each and every one of them like he's been paid to embarrass them. Trevor laughs at how ridiculous Scott was being, but Ashley explains that Scott was just trying to show his confidence. So that's what it was. Ashley explains to us again that this is a tough decision because they have to pick one, and there are five of them. The finalists are brought back into the room so that we can go to commercial.

What the hell does this have to do with the making of a boy band? And is this the first commercial break? Why does MTV hate me so much?

Jacob starts by thanking all of the finalists, telling them that they know exactly how the finalists feel. We get another flashback to the boys waiting to find out whether they are finalists, all in black-and-white with just as much missing tension. J.D. is the winner. He tells us that he was shocked when they said his name. He tells us that it feels "awesome" to be the winner. We see J.D. try to hug Jacob without actually touching him. J.D. tells us a few times that he doesn't know how to say what he feels because he doesn't know what to say. He didn't expect this because he didn't expect it.

Some kind of Royal Tenenbaums rip-off music plays as the title reads "Life With O-Town: Day One." J.D. casually knocks on the front door of O-Town Manor. The boys welcome him into the living room with more hugs. J.D. admits to us that he doesn't think he's doing a good job of playing it cool. There's an awkward couch/coffee table introduction thing that ends with Ashley shaking his head thinking, "Why is this douche in our house for a week? When does the madness end?"

Does Trevor have a cold? Why does his voice sound like he doesn't have a nose? The boys are back in the rehearsal room with Ed doing the same "something, something, move, move, move" routine as last week. Either we're watching the same footage, or Trevor and Jacob are really having a hard time with the rodeo move where they slap an imaginary girl's ass. J.D. watches. Jacob tells us that Ed is good for "morale," which must be code for "dancing." Jacob says you can tell the difference after they work with Ed. J.D. mimes the moves in his seat, hoping for his big break.

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