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Back in rehearsal, the boys are working on a segment that involves the word "control" sung at a horrible pitch. J.D. is on the phone getting fired from his "animation studio." They're all, "How long are you gonna be hanging with that ninth-rate boy band?" The animation studio is too embarrassed to have J.D. back there. J.D. has gone Billie Jean on them, shouting, "Fair is fair," determined not to leave these boys who have taught him so much about blowing and sucking. J.D. tells the boys of O-Town that he was just canned, prompting the best line of the episode from Erik: "Dude! That's your job!" Like they can't fire you when it's your job. I love it.

After the commercial, the boys are still asking J.D. about getting fired. He admits that he has no idea what he's going to do now. Erik tells J.D. that music is very important to all of them, and since O-Town had to sacrifice "everything," he now has to as well. J.D. must have a trust fund. Ashley tells us that J.D. has both talent and personality. Really? Where?

Life with O-Town: On Tour with Britney Spears. Boston. Britney is now better at dropping by the O-Town basement on her way to her dressing room, wishing the guys good luck. She says, "I'll see y'all later." She quickly adds, "In the halls and stuff," so they don't mistakenly think they just got invited to the after-party. The boys are instantly apologetic that they didn't introduce J.D. to Britney. They pull her back to the door so Britney can say hi. J.D. runs back into the room freaking out that Britney said his name, even though she was still talking to him as he turned around. Britney goes right back to work, never giving another thought to J.D. for the rest of her life. "If I were you, I wouldn't set any more goals," Jacob says, wearing the worst hat he's ever worn. "I don't think you're that lucky," he concludes.

Speaking of luck, we watch the boys in concert clipped with footage of the crowd cheering for Britney. J.D. watches, pretending for the camera not to be insanely bored. I still see him twiddle his thumbs at one point. Trevor explains that the performance we're watching is one where they "gelled," helped by the rehearsals they decided to have before this performance. I see no difference.

Back in Orlando, it's time for "J.D.'s Big Day." Do we care? Are we supposed to? I ask again, what does this have to do with the making of a boy band? Dan asks Mike on the Mike if they're coming to J.D.'s performance. They both admit at the same time that they had absolutely no intention of wasting their time at some shitty Orlando club at six on a Sunday to watch J.D. sing two songs for his mom and some friends. Dan tells Mike on the Mike that they should go -- mostly, I'm assuming because the two Mikes were the ones who made J.D. have to live with them for a week in the first place. Fuck if they don't have to go see this entire thing out. If O-Town has to be there, the fucking Mikes should have to be there. Dan also mentions that J.D.'s singing is pretty good, and that they might find something interesting in J.D. But I think mostly they just want to make sure the Mikes have to go since they've been dealing with this boring boy for a week now. The Mikes promise to "try" to make it.

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