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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Total Request Live

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Previously on Making the Band: Making the Band was a show about the making of a boy band. No longer. This week on Making the Band: TRL.

Well, here it comes: the best part of the episode. We see a shot of a performance ending. The boys all bow and gesture as "All or Nothing" comes to a dramatic close. Backstage, the boys complain about their eyes and ears, thinking nothing of the damage their performance just inflicted on thousands of eyes and ears. A shirtless Jacob forces me to watch this scene with my eyes squinted almost shut. From my hazy gaze, it appears that a naked troll doll is yelling at Erik for winking at the end of the show. Naked troll doll claims that he's the winking one. Trevor explains that Jacob winks and Erik points. Jacob is upset, because tonight Erik winked. Either we just keep seeing footage from the same day this season, or Trevor needs a new t-shirt. This is the same one he was wearing when he met Britney. (Psst! This just in! Go see Crossroads immediately! You will not regret it! Love, Pamie.) Silent Mike asks for the "run-down" again. Basically, Jacob winks and Erik points. Trevor explains it to Mike like he's talking to a child as he waves his hand vigorously and says, "I wave!" We see Dan thrusting his crotch repeatedly as they say, "Dan thrusts." Shot of Ashley lifting his head severely as Trevor finishes, "And Ashley jaw locks." Now, it sounds like he says "jaw rocks," which is now the new catchphrase around my apartment. "Did you see that guy? Totally jaw rocking." Trevor then shows an example of "jaw rocking" by pouting with a stern jaw in Silent Mike's direction. So far, it's my favorite moment of season three. Now, for my least favorite moment of season three: the rest of this episode. Jacob and Erik are horrible actors, so when Erik pouts that he was never really all that fond of being a pointer, we're just not buying it. Dan calls Erik a "poor excuse for a human." Jacob calls Erik a "wanker," and it's not funny. Erik fake-shouts, "I hate you guys and I hate this band!" He then runs, with floppy legs, out of the room. It's a tantrum that I've done here in my apartment every week I've had a MTB recap, and when I do it, you can feel the passion.

Opening credits. I know I always say I'm going to just brush right past them, but every week I can't stop and think, "Can't somebody do something about these credits?" I'm now thinking that perhaps it's some kind of contract thing to keep these shots in, since they have clips of season two or whatever. But then I see shots from last week's episode in there, so I don't know. I don't know. I try but I really can't come up with a good excuse.

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