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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Total Request Live

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Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be O-Town

So, I don't know exactly what the deal is here. Either this episode never made it to TRL, or this is a rerun of TRL. Whatever it is, it's a gyp of an episode of Making the Band. We open with the intro to TRL. There's a Carson substitute today, which makes me think that this is a fake episode of TRL. She also says that this is a special episode dedicated to O-Town, so again, I'm pretty sure this never aired. Trevor explains to us again that the entire show will be about O-Town. Jacob tells us that they're excited. Silent Mike explains to the boys that they're going to be on TRL, and that they're supposed to discuss their album and the Britney tour. Ashley tells us that they were warned that there was probably going to be a surprise on the show. Dan says that, the last time, they were surprised Clive Davis gave them a platinum album, so he doesn't mind surprises.

Fans scream and chant "O-Town." Some fake-tension NFL-sounding music plays. We watch the opening credits for TRL. Hilary, the fake Carson, starts her schtick. The boys enter, engulfed in a fog machine. Ashley high-fives some girls. Screaming. Screaming. More screaming. Jacob flashes the camera a fake gang sign. The camera focuses on the one girl who knows all of the words to the song. That poor girl. All of her future boyfriends will be shown that tape someday when it's embarrassing. You know -- like, next year. Tomorrow. Ashley comments that it's "so loud." I agree. I hate TRL so much. The screaming never stops. FakeCarson asks how the new season is going. Dan says it's going fine, and that they don't even notice the cameras around anymore. Because they're "busy." We see reaction shots of young girls, but I'm not sure what they're reacting to. FakeCarson says the words "die-hard fans," which makes one of the stage managers give the signal to the girls that they have to start screaming again. They just show FakeCarson half-heartedly clapping, forcing the other girls to scream and wail again. FakeCarson explains that they've brought in all of the O-Town Moms to answer trivia questions about the guys. Then FakeCarson goes, "Your moms! Aw, that's cute! Aw! We asked the moms!" She can't seem to get the crowd to rally behind her.

Then FakeCarson is somehow talking just to us as we watch fast-motion footage of the O-Moms walking down a hall. Apparently, the boys don't know that their moms are actually here inside the TRL studio. Shh! We've secretly replaced Ashley's parents with ones that love and support him. Let's see if anyone notices. "Why would TRL interview my mom?" Jacob asks, having already renounced his parental units like all the great rock stars do.

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Making the Band




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