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Carson Daly caved. Bullied into letting O-Town appear on Total Request Live, he feigns interest in the band and pretends it deserves a warm welcome. Carson asks if the final cut surprised anyone. "That was nuts," Ashley giggles. "It was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives." Okay, but that doesn't answer the question, probably because the final five caught precisely nobody by surprise. "I didn't know how I was gonna react," Ashley confides. Cut to Jacob, who thoughtfully shielded his red hair with an equally red baseball cap that also obscures his face. Hallelujah! "I'm not saying that our story is every story, that every band came together this way," Jacob begins. "But this is ours, and hopefully they'll be interested in what we have to say in our music." I am interested. Particularly fascinating is the line, "All for love, baby, baby my love is all for you." That says a lot.

Trevor is given some time to self-deprecate. "I'm sure someone at home is saying, 'I'm ten times better than that guy!' which he probably is," Trevor admits. "So every day, I thank God that I'm here." The guys are emotional about the closeness they've achieved with each other, and that includes the three absent cast members -- Paul, Mike and Bryan. "Everything helped us to be open with each other," Jacob says, sounding like he's referring to making the show as well as the band. "It helped us break down those walls and show the brotherhood was real." We see scenes of Paul, then Jacob and Trevor cooking in the hot tub. More saccharine spewing about dreams coming true, having cake and eating it...snore. This is so boring. "This is just something to add to the top of the cake," Dan corrects me. Whatever -- I'm still falling asleep here wishing Jacob would admit he hates Dan's leadership skills and try to beat him senseless. We see Dan getting formally added to the band at Lou's house, then the final seven and some staffers in a silly pyramid-looking-thing, posing for photos. Jacob smiles. Dan's teeth burst forth. Middle-school girls clap and cry and respond beautifully to Lou's brainwashing. "It's up to us to make it happen," Erik reminds us. "It's not done, it's just the beginning." ["Heathen, for God's sake, you are paid to recap Making the Band, not Grease!" -- Wing Chun] Jacob waves at the camera with gross black fingernails, and the shot fades away as we wonder whether he's tuning into his femininity or simply a gangrenous youth. I like the latter.

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Making the Band




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