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And that's it. That was the season finale. "This band is great, this show was marvelous, we'll be rich and famous..." blech. But the show's coming back sometime late this fall, possibly in winter. Until then, we'll always have Erik's fish lips, those two sausage-like growths that encase his gums and teeth. We will always remember that important lesson he taught about how friends don't suck on each other's lower lips, and we'll pass that wisdom through the generations. We'll remember Paul's razor-sharp nose and Carrah's sharp-as-a-sponge intuition. Don't forget the clingy Jenny, hopeless Cori and Herizon Heather. Stunning people. Razaana? We hardly knew ye. Thania? We never liked ye. Shelli? We never heard ye, because only dogs can pick up noises pitched that high. Then, the anatomy lessons: Ashley's naked, wet chest; Erik-Michael's throat; Dan's teeth; Trevor's muscles; Jacob's tattoo and the tumor on his neck some call a "head." TyJuan and Raymond, we salute you. Tony Harrison, I'm not sure what species you are, really, but you're kickin' it and that's fine. And what can one say about the Lou-people? I hope Mini-Lou doesn't quit, because he's far too entertaining to be left out of the upcoming season. Lou, big guy, Jabba -- have fun getting the pants sued off of you. Someone will do it. Ranger Marc, get another job. You can do better. Oh, and there's a forum full of people who would buy the issue of Playgirl if you should choose to, er, "model."

It's been a fun season of recapping, and my first time doing this type of thing. Thanks so much to everyone who's kept the forums blazing, and for the thoughtful posts and e-mails I've received. It means a lot to me that you're all reading and reacting to the recaps. See you next season! Keep in touch! Sign my yearbook. Don't ever change! Stay sweet! Sigh. In the meantime, I'll be trying my hand at Deadline on NBC Monday nights. It's a very different show and I don't know how it'll go, but cross your fingers for me. Thank you, and keep the forums alive. Don't make them die just because O-Town's career will.

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Making the Band




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