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At Trans Con, Papa's called a big ol' meeting. He says that communication is very important, and that it sounds like there was a communication breakdown. Silent Mike again states that he doesn't feel like they were informed that this was going to happen. He says that he didn't know January 3 would be the cut-off date. Here is Lie #1 that they told O-Town. Clearly Mike on the Mike knew there'd be a cut-off date after which O-Town wouldn't be funded by Trans Con. I don't think they told these boys that before they signed the new management contracts. Alan, the president of Trans Con, says that he called Mike on the Mike and asked for a meeting to discuss the transitions, and that neither Mike ever responded. He says he asked the two Mikes what they needed, but that they didn't call back for a couple of days. Silent Mike looks guilty. Lou looks like he's glad that he's getting rid of seven incompetent boy-children in one swish of the pen.

No Name asks the boys to sing the bridge again, one at a time. They all hit the wrong notes. Erik explains in an interview that the business stuff is keeping them from singing properly. So many excuses with this band. The Mikes are all, "We knew nothing!" and the boys are all, "We can't sing when we're poor!" I think Erik's wearing purple lipstick. I also think he may have shaved that lip patch off.

Mike on the Mike's eyes are shifting like Lou's playing ping pong. Alan continues to tattle that they all tried to reach both Mikes several times, but that they never got a response, so basically they cut everything off so that they'd hear from them. Smart move on Trans Con's part. These Mikes are horrible managers.

Speaking of horrible, the boys continue to rehearse "singing" and "dancing." No Name is shooting heroin to deal with the pain.

This back-and-forth continues with the boys insulting my ears, Lou insulting my eyes, Mikes insulting my intelligence, and the Trans Con managers explaining how business works. It's exhausting. Boston Mike tries to say that what the Trans Con guys did makes Lou look bad. They cut the scene before we hear them say, "You're the only one who looks bad, you idiot." Boston Mike says that they were either vindictive or incompetent. He thinks he looks cool, but he looks like one of those guys who lashes out with anger when he's been caught in a lie. The higher-ups tell Boston Mike that he's just looking to agitate the situation, whereas they're just trying to move on. Basically they're saying, "Quit being a whiny baby. You fucked up. We're going to fix it. Shut up." He says that he probably shouldn't talk this way to the group because he's making the boys paranoid. This is the smartest thing anyone has ever said on this show. I've only seen six episodes, but I'm pretty sure this is the smartest thing. Mike on the Mike only make O-Town feel like they aren't being taken care of, when in reality the boys should think that everything is perfect at all times. The more they're worried, the less money they can steal from behind the boys' perfectly toned backs. The honcho continues to call Mike on the Mike "naïve," telling them that they have to take some responsibility in all of this, since it only happened because they weren't doing their jobs. Mike on the Mike look like they just got spanked. Good. They both touch their faces at the same time, which is such a tell for liars.

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Making the Band




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