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The boys show up at Good Morning America. Jacob says that they need to prove that they deserve to be in the music business, and that O-Town is for real. At least he knows what he's up against. We see a flashback of the Miss America show. Wow. That is bad. Then we see them all upset about how bad it was. Then we hear Jacob tell us how upset everyone was about how bad it was. I'm recapping Jacob telling us how upset everyone was about how bad it was, and I can't get another layer of telling this story again in here, so I'm moving on. I hope they do as well.

Ashley and Trevor are arguing on the set, but they won't really let us hear what they're arguing about. I think Trevor told Ashley something that he needed to do and Ashley's busting out the "you're not the boss of me." Ashley tells us again how bad the Miss America thing was. Trevor and Ashley keep bickering as Dan sits on the ground by himself.

Andrew, O-Town's Clockwatcher, asks Dan not to grab his crotch at the end of the song. Apparently Good Morning America is sensitive to the needs of Americans and know that we cannot handle Dan's auto-manipulation over our morning bagels. Score one for GMA. I love whatever television guide I was reading that called Andrew an O-Town wrangler. What a great title for all of these people. Andrew is pleading with Dan not to touch himself, and Dan looks like he's thinking, "I'm finally Jim fucking Morrison. I love it." He sort of checks Andrew on the shoulder and walks off without an answer. Beautiful.

The boys are in makeup while we hear other boys doing vocal warm-ups while we hear invisible girls screaming. Whatever. Creepy Cleve is wrangled out of the dressing room. Trevor tells us, "If we come off bad [sic]? You can pretty much say that we're done." Dan tells us that this is the first time they're performing with the band in front of such a large audience. Don't they say that every episode?

The boys are singing on a stage. There's some creepy guy standing in the background rubbing his hands like he's Mr. Burns. The lights are all on and the boys aren't made up, so this must not actually be a performance at all. No Name is very happy. Trevor tells us that he saw No Name shake hands with Boston Mike, and they knew that they did a good job. In rehearsal? There are people just walking all around while they're singing and dancing. How many songs do they get to do, anyway?

Erik's facial hair is completely different again. He says that it's really cool to dance in front of people playing actual music. Boy bands: not your usual rock and roll experience. Ashley gets to hold on to his crotch and make pumping motions. Dan points his finger and screams, "Unfair!" God, this song is so bad. "Janet Jackson's smile"? Erik tells us again that they plan to show up to the show. Erik at least sets his goals low enough that he can achieve them. "We just might be good," Erik hopes. I have nothing to say to that.

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Making the Band




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