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Ashley blows a kiss to someone in the audience. Trevor tells us that he felt really good about this performance. Backstage, the boys are all proud of themselves. Now they're all wearing different clothes than the ones in which they were just performing, so clearly we just saw two different performances, or the rehearsal and then their reactions after the show. Maybe they have the same camera crew for GMA and Making the Band. I mean, how much money could ABC have these days, anyway?

The music sounds like the fat dude just showed up on Chains of Love. It's Andrew, the Clockwatcher. He starts barking off a list of places where the boys need to be and what they need to do to get ready for the next thing. I think they want us to sympathize with the boys here, thinking that they don't even have time to celebrate their first good performance, but in reality I'm thinking, "Oh, boo hoo. You only have three hours until you're back on MTV? Don't cry to me, asswipe. Go whine to Mandy Moore." Jacob tells us he's excited that the audiences are getting bigger. He says he knows that they have a lot of work ahead of themselves to prove to people that they're an actual group, and that it's going to take time. Again, somehow, Jacob has a point; he seems to understand that the world is laughing at them. For a split second I feel bad for Jacob. Then I look at his hair and realize he's totally done it to himself.

I think this swelling in my eye gets worse whenever I hear them sing "Liquid Dreams." I'd better go lie down before I recap the next episode. Ow. Ow. Ow.

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Making the Band




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