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Friday evening, I was kind of a pretty girl. Then I watched two episodes of Making the Band. I had to hear Jacob sing again. Today, I woke up with a gigantic, swollen eye. My left eye is so swollen I can hardly see out of it. Still, I'm recapping. I'm not going to let those boys beat me. I have a bag of Teddy Grahams, an ice pack, my pouting face, and my good typing fingers ready to go. Will I finish recapping before my left eye explodes entirely? Who knows. Man, the things I do for y'all.

Previously on Making the Band: Mike on the Mike was up to no good. Erik told us that Lou doesn't "personally" do that much for O-Town on a day-to-day basis; he only funds it. Shrilli stood in Lou's enormous shadow as Lou flirted with Ashley, who was still wearing that gray shirt. I'm scared of it. Boston Mike explained to the boys that Trans Con cut them off when they cut Lou out of their contract. The boys were stupefied in their stupidity. "Why won't they give us money? Just because we're not making any money for them? How does that happen? What do I use for a cell phone now? Does this mean I have to give back this gray shirt?"

When do you think they made these opening credits? Because the dancing is so silly. Is this an O-Town song playing in the background? Shouldn't it be?

O-Manor. Erik is still trying to understand. He asks again whether Trans Con has cut off their money. They have. Per Diem? Yes. Cleve? Yes. Oh, the creepy silent guy who sits at their table is named Cleve. He's the tour manager. He's been cut off as well, so I don't know why he's still sitting at the table. I wish Erik had said, "Cleve," and then Cleve jumped up like, "For reals? Y'all, I am so out of here. Catch you bitches on the flip side. I'm gonna go towel off some Justin Timberlake." And then kicked his heels in the air and punched Jacob in the face for good measure. But I don't get to choose which staged segments they film. We're stuck watching the fake "why would they do that?" scene. Boston Mike lies that Trans Con was just fine with Mike on the Mike taking over as O-Town's management, and that they'd pay for everything until O-Town was up on its own. Right. My ass. These boys are still working for Trans Con. I said it before and I'll say it again. This is just a power play to keep the boys silent early on. Ashley asks whether this is coming from Lou, or from Trans Con. Boston Mike just moves his head in a certain direction, which means he doesn't actually say anything incriminating, yet allows the boys to think whatever paranoid thoughts might be floating around. Jacob says that this had to have come from Lou, since nothing happens at Trans Con without Lou's approval. Everyone talks at once, and I can't understand anything. Boston Mike says that it came from some guy named Frank, but that Lou knew about it. Jacob leans way back in his ugly blue and red striped shirt and acts like he saw this shit coming from way back. I wish they had to pack and move out of O-Manor tonight, as well. Ashley feels jilted because he thought that Lou was their friend. Boston Mike tells the boys not to say anything to Lou if they see him. See? They are getting played. Played. Silent Mike says the truth is that the less involved the boys are with Lou, the better off they'll be. Ashley can't believe all of this, and is upset. I guess after having all of those private meetings with Lou, he thought he was special.

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