Making the Band
New Year's Eve

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Mr. Pearlman and the Rats of N.I.M.H.

The next morning, a friend from Trans Con called Paul Russo chats with the semi-chagrined boys from O-Town. He's laughing about the stage-diving debacle, and Jacob even grins as he admits it pissed off Jay pretty royally. New Paul points out a write-up in the Orlando Sentinel, the local newspaper, which mocks the guys' appearance. "It said that O-Town were the most inconspicuous people [sic], and they like ran in," New Paul paraphrases. The paper also ran photos and ranked certain bits of the big affair. Jacob's confessional appearance tells us O-Town won "Silliest Celebrity Entrance." He says, "The very first time we were in the paper, it was to mock us." I think that's a pretty fair omen. "Wait until you get to Europe, man, they say the stupidest things," Paul offers by way of comfort, but the guys are too amused to be offended by the article and too idiotic to be bothered by such distressing hyper-nationalism. Jacob points out to the gang that O-Town "hasn't even done anything and we're already getting clowned." Foreshadowing plops down on my couch, tired from doing two cartwheels during this segment.

All six guys gather around the dining-room table to discuss the previous night. Jacob encourages total honesty, saying that thus far they've privately and individually shared important things with Jay and Marc, but have held back in front of the other guys. "We're good individuals, we suck together," Jacob concludes. "We're not even close to where we should be or where they expect us to be." Bryan makes a crack about how he might not have been stage-diving, but he certainly cheered the guys that did. "One positive thing out of this whole situation is everyone's being open and honest and communicating," Bryan says. "For everybody in the house, we've all gotten a bond, all become closer." After some agreement that they need better communication to come together as a group, Jacob repeats their findings: "We should never be seen in public arguing, and we should never ever speak our own personal minds..." "...without consulting the group," Bryan finishes for Jacob. Behind a one-way mirror, psychology students high-five each other and celebrate the wicked-cool project on Groupthink that's sure to net them an A-plus in Psych 436. Desperate for the last word, Jacob adds, "We've got to be a lot stronger and a lot tighter than we were or else this is going to fall apart."

We hear a phone ring, then Bryan Chan speaks, leaving a message for Ikaika that begs him to please return the call. A voice-over from Bryan makes sure we're aware of the daily failed attempts to reach Ikaika since he fled back to the islands. Jacob reasserts his irritation that Ikaika might not return before the final cut is made, prompting Bryan to ask if Jacob thinks their Hawaiian bandmate will ever come back. Jacob lays it out: After leaving without much warning, Ikaika has failed to contact anyone at the house or at Trans Con. It smacks of "lack of interest, lack of loyalty" to Jacob, who believes that regardless of talent, Ikaika's behavior should push him out of the final five. Ikaika misses out on the bonding, and it's aggravating everyone. "He's doing it to himself," Jacob says, walking away.

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Making the Band




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