Making the Band
O-Town Meets Miss America

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O-Town Meets Miss America

No evidence of vocal coaching or training has shown itself. Nobody improved, with the possible exception of Trevor, and they all sound out of breath and terribly strained during the live performance. Erik stretched so hard to hit some high notes that he gave me a migraine -- and that was when I had him on "mute." Jacob, to me, sank from the self-christened Star of the Band to one of the dregs, while Ashley didn't get showcased at all, probably because he's the one who least needs to impress the fans. From start to finish, the performance felt more like Star Search than something musically significant from a band about to release its first album. During the chorus, the microphones were set at funky unbalanced levels so the wrong parts of the harmonies were emphasized. Dan sounded okay, but they're still trying to fuse Erik and Dan's two voices into one Ikaika. O-Town seems to think that, when all else fails, touch yourself and gyrate. On many levels that might be true, but it won't help them here, unfortunately.

Incidentally, Miss Hawaii won. And after hearing this song, I think Ikaika won, too.

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Making the Band




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