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Ashley and Trevor Cry Themselves to Sleep

Previously on Making the Band: Trevor told us that a girl likes him. Ashley dumped Shrilli again. Get ready, y'all. This is some good bad television coming up.

We start with the boys piling into a van. Ashley is singing a little song about its being time to go to do "Making the Fan." He's still wearing that same shirt, by the way. Since Lou gave them back their per diem, can't they buy the boy a new shirt? That thing must be so gross.

We see overhead shots of Orlando as we listen to a DJ explain the concept of "Making the Fan." Apparently, the boys will be auditioning people across the nation, looking for the ultimate fan. They explain it much longer than that as we watch the boys enter Orlando's Planet Hollywood. Each contestant will get thirty seconds to explain why he or she is the ultimate O-Town fan. One girl points at a sticker on her ass that reads, in Magic Marker, "Property of Jacob." There's some other writing on her arm. Somehow I don't think that's gonna cut it. Actually, I guess she was pretty safe in assuming there wouldn't be that much competition, but I'm thinking some people are there to try to win a free trip to Los Angeles, or wherever the finals are going to be held. Some girl calls Erik her "Puerto Rican dream." Echoing through the Hollywood Hills, I can hear the hysterics of Ricky Martin. Some girl shouts at the camera, "I want you, Trevor!" and then she hides herself before we can identify her. Smart girl. We get a shot of Jacob as some girl chants that she loves him. A teen who makes me sad is wearing a shirt she's made of herself and Jacob, like they're a couple. She's wearing an incredible amount of makeup and some sort of jeweled statement across her forehead, and she's sweating like Lou's elbow. Yikes. These are the saddest fans. Another girl has "#1 Fan" painted on her face, and has her hair in Jacobian dreads. She wears beads in each dread that read "O-Town." She's sobbing. So am I. As this girl squawks into the microphone, Dan tells us that this is all "a trip." Erik says that this is really hard, because a year ago they were auditioning, and now their fans are auditioning for them! Craziness! Jacob hugs the makeup girl as Trevor looks on approvingly.

Trevor makes fun of the way girls scream, "Oh, I love you!" to him. Well, Trevor, look on the bright side. At least you won't have to get used to it. Check out his conclusion on seeing these pre-teen girls screeching over him: "It really puts things into perspective that I don't have someone like that in my life." Homeboy sits in his bed in his underwear and dials up Kelly, his old girlfriend. He's hoping she can fulfill the role of screeching teen girl with unconditional love in his life. We see him looking at a picture of the two of them while he's on the phone. He tells us that he thinks the two of them should still be together. "I don't know why," he actually says. Back on the phone, Trevor tells Kelly that he's "coming to L.A. this weekend," and wants her to go, too. Kelly says that she needs to know what to do if a guy asks her out. She wants to know whether she's supposed to say she's Trevor's girlfriend. Kelly starts guffawing, and I think she might be drunk. Then she says that it already happened: a guy asked her out. Trevor takes a moment before he puts on a fake smile to ask, "What'd you say?" She says that she didn't know. She asks what happens if she kisses another boy. Trevor just laughs and freaks out silently. Kelly asks him what he's thinking. Trevor tells us -- not her -- that he's afraid to ask her out. Then he tells us, "But I want someone. You know what I mean?" Not Kelly, really. Just someone. He tells Kelly that they'll have to talk about it over dinner.

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