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Ashley and Trevor Cry Themselves to Sleep

The next shot is Ashley handing something out the limo door as he asks, "Do you have my room key? Take your car and follow us." The camera pans over to the three girls standing on the windy street corner. Janie's laughing like, "I can't believe those assholes are leaving us behind." Shrilli is so deeply offended. Kelly might have some sort of head trauma, since she's yet to really say anything, even when Trevor's pawing all over her. Cleve gives the street address to which they're going, and Kelly says she doesn't have any money with her. They don't care.

Shot of the Hollywood sign. Shot of the Walk of Fame. Shot of the sign for the 8400 block of Melrose. They're keeping it real. For one, they're nowhere near the Hollywood sign. For another, they're on Melrose Avenue, not Melrose Place. And for a third, they're going to 5300 Melrose. Finally, they're not going anywhere near the Walk of Fame either. I just wanted to point those out, because once I moved here, I learned that you don't pass the Hollywood sign to do everything, and there's nothing glamorous about the Walk of Fame. Oh, and Melrose Place is about a block long. Here. Here's your Hollywood truth.

The girls are all in Kelly's car as Janie asks Kelly how long she's been stuck with Trevor. Kelly says that they started dating their freshman year in college. The other girls are shocked that Trevor lets people admit that he's old enough to have attended a college, to say nothing of the fact that he was accepted into a college in the first place. "That is so neat!" Shrilli coos. Kelly says that they've known each other three years. Nobody asks Shrilli, but she says that she and Ashley have been together "a long time, too." She laughs and says that Janie and Jacob ("Jake") win since they've known each other since grade school. Shrilli asks Janie whether she ever wishes she could have the Jacob of two years ago instead. Janie says that Jacob's so happy right now. Shrilli's like, "Right, but remember when you made him happy? Remember when we were enough? Don't y'all want that again?" It's clear why Shrilli's been forced to sit in the back of the car.

The girls pull up to some studio, and they see the girls screaming outside the building. Shrilli immediately starts making fun of them, screaming back. It's pretty funny.

The guys are shooting something for Channel One. They're doing vocal warm-ups as the crew gets them ready for the camera. The girlfriends sit and pout. As the boys start singing "Liquid Dreams" and the cameras are rolling, Shrilli's cell phone goes off. The crew is pissed, and Shrilli's quick to announce that the phone is, in fact, Erik's, and that she doesn't know how to turn it off. Tattletale. "Always picking on E!" Erik snaps back.

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Making the Band




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