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Ashley and Trevor Cry Themselves to Sleep

Back at the restaurant, Trevor repeats his non-question. Kelly asks whether he wants to know what's going on. She asks what "being [his] girlfriend" consists of. Uh, what has it been like so far, Kelly? You drive yourself around, get your own meals, hold his phone, and have to listen to Shrilli warble around about feelings and the past. Trevor simplifies it to "hanging out." He says that she can't... "Go out with any boys at all?" Kelly says, like it's a death sentence. This makes Trevor laugh, because he was just thinking about asking whether he can still see other girls while she doesn't see anyone else. They're the only two people in this restaurant, by the way. Kelly: "Okay, Trevor. What if you and I really do have a future? Like, I don't know. Like, I don't know that yet." Trevor tries to talk here, but Kelly's not done. She says that marriage might roll around and they won't have spent more than three days together. Then she smacks him with, "I think you're a nice guy." Dis! Trevor, she's clearly seeing someone else, and came out here for a tan. Trevor starts eating food. Kelly says that she doesn't want to "lose" Trevor, and that she wants to keep "something going." Just not dating, I'm assuming. Trevor says that she just wants to keep him "back here." That's a place on the back of her right shoulder, according to Trevor's excellent use of mime. He says that Kelly will keep Trevor on her shoulder in case nothing better comes along, and then she'll pull him out and be all, "I guess it's your turn now." Kelly never says this isn't true. Trevor's fake mime with the fake invisible Trevor goes on too long and is scary. Kelly should run immediately. Kelly: "You're right. I'm not fully convinced that you are the one for me." That pretty much knocks Trevor out of the water, here. "Whatever," he counters. Whatever, indeed, Trevor. Whatever, indeed. He says, "You need to just enjoy the rest of your college life, and I'll go enjoy being a rock star." Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the best line that's ever been uttered on reality television. Trevor fancies himself a rock star. Kelly just laughs because she can't wait to read the recap on this dinner. "I don't want to hold you back," Trevor pouts.

Jilted Trevor puts on his "cynic" hat to tell us that he realizes this was just another date for Kelly. He's all, "Cool! I feel special!" What an ass. Kelly drives away as quickly as possible as Trevor has to wait for a cab! Ha. He says that he's angry with her, and that he just made a fool out of himself. Like it's the first time.

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Making the Band




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