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Trevor Wastes Our Time

Britney introduces this episode during The Hook-Up. As she reads the teleprompter, there's absolutely no recognition in her eyes that this is the band that opened for her on her tour. I love it.

Previously on Making the Band: Tour. Fans. Bad, bad music. Ashley: "Life on the road can be hard by itself, but it can be torture on a relationship." Kelly dumps Trevor. Trevor says he can't get a girlfriend while he's in O-Town. Bad, bad music on tour.

Ashley reads from a notebook in his horrible Austin Powers impression. The rest of the guys are clearly exhausted from tolerating Ashley's bad British bit once a day. I guess Ashley's reading some fan mail. Jacob doesn't care. Silent Mike sits down in a completely scripted moment and announces that their "recording" gig got cancelled for that weekend, and that they now have two days off. Instead of letting the boys all go home for the weekend to see family and friends, they've rented a cabin where the boys will be resting for two days. The boys act surprised. Mike says that the cabin is in Salt Lake City. "No interviewers, no nothing," he says. Except for the camera crew and all of the people that follow O-Town around all the time. Dan asks if he can bring "a friend, or whatever." Trevor tells all the guys to bring their girlfriends, and he'll just sit alone in the cabin jacking off. That's pretty much what he says.

Ashley calls Shrilli. He tells her to come to the cabin for two days. They'll fly her in. The music screeches and Ashley tells us, "Okay! Okay! Don't say anything. Shelli and I are dating again. I know! I know what you're gonna say. So don't, don't say anything." Oh, Ashley. You don't know the seventeen different things I was going to say.

Jacob calls Janie and tells her about the trip. He hopes they get to go snowboarding. He tells us that he's really missed Janie, and hates that they don't get to see much of each other. "So this kind of a trip's gonna be really cool," he says. I don't speak Jacobian, but I think he just told us he's stoked about getting laid.

In another set-up moment, we flip back and forth as both Jacob and Ashley ask their girlfriends to bring friends for Trevor. What about Erik and Dan? Why is Trevor the loser? Ashley tells Shelli to bring lots of warm clothes. Because he won't be trying to take them off her.

Opening credits that have the graphic quality of iMovie.

Salt Lake City. A van rolls up to this cabin as Ashley announces, "Home Sweet Home." It is big and pretty. I am jealous of O-Town for the first time in my life. There are bunk beds, for some reason. Who gets the bunk beds? Erik and Dan? The poor girls who are going to have to pretend to like Trevor to earn their keep?

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