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Time Off (Looking For Love)

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Trevor Wastes Our Time

Trevor and Ashley roll all over each other in one of the beds. "I gotta go find a single bed!" Trevor remembers, and then runs and claims an entire bedroom all to his lonely-ass, selfish self.

Erik cheers over the fireplace. Trevor is still running around like he ate too much candy. Trevor claims a room. Nobody cares.

Ashley confesses that he's already gotten lost inside the house three times. Trevor admits that he likes this house better than he likes their Orlando crib. Trevor wishes again that he had a girlfriend. Jacob actually says this sentence: "Yeah. This is gonna be fun." Jacob is capable of having fun! Stop the presses!

The girls arrive in another van, prompting the boys to shout, "WE HAVE WOMEN!" and suddenly I'm watching some tittie flick from the '80s. Trevor makes some comment again about not having anybody, and one of the boys tells Trevor he brought some pussy for him, too.

The screen has to put titles over every girl when we see her because, except for Shelli, the girls all look exactly the same. Ashley and Shelli hug as Ashley tells us that he's really excited about not having to work for a couple of days.

Dan explains that his friend Krista is just a friend and only a friend because she's a girl and he's gay.

Kat is Erik's friend. She's just a friend. She's only a friend and doesn't endanger Erik's relationship with Ashley in any way.

Trevor admits: "I hang around guys, guys, guys all day, all night." Jacob introduces Janie's younger sister Amy to Trevor. Does anyone else find this kind of gross? The younger sister thrown on Trevor? Trevor tells us that Janie's sister is cute.

Ashley takes Trevor to the balcony to tell him that he also brought some girl for Trevor for the weekend. Her name is Jamie. Fucking Janie, Jamie, Jacob, Amy, Ashley and Shelli. How am I supposed to do this? Anyway, Trevor likes Jamie because Jamie used to be a professional cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. Trevor is shallow, and just wants cheerleader pussy for the weekend. So much for Janie's sister Amy now that Jamie is here. I'm gonna have to start calling them Skank One and Skank Two. Trevor lies right to our faces and says he's capable of hooking himself up and doesn't need people to bring him potential dates.

In the strangest moment of the episode, Trevor walks out on the balcony to find Janie's little sister and one of the other girls dancing like they're playing hopscotch in place. This gets the nod of approval from Trevor, who wants in a woman not only cheerleading skills, but the ability to dance. "Amy gets her groove on," he says. He adds with emphasis: "And she taps!" I don't know a single man who gets turned on by tap dancing. "Double thumbs up for her," Trevor says. I would think if Trevor dated a girl who could dance, he'd be too jealous to perform around her.

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Making the Band




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