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Trevor Wastes Our Time

Oh, man. I want Shrilli to have her own show. Here's the only good scene in this episode. They're boiling lobsters. Janie shows Shrilli one of the lobsters and calls it Sebastian. "Oh, don't let her get attached to it!" Ashley moans. Shrilli is now wearing a beret, y'all. She holds the lobster and is immediately in love with it. She asks everyone not to cook this one lobster now that she knows its name. One of the girls tells Shrilli she can't just set the lobster free in the house. They corner her and pull the lobster out of her hands. Janie holds the lobster in the air and cackles with power before she boils the lobster. Ashley must now hold the weeping Shrilli who babies, "It's so sad!" I love it. Love it. In her tiny, acid-washed jeans and black beret. All frayed out and ho-ey. Crying over Sebastian the lobster, moments before she eats the shit out of it.

The great lobster depression is immediately followed by the lamest piece of television. I don't even want to recap this, but I will. It's so stupid. Okay. So these people, all of whom, I'm assuming, have graduated high school, are now going to play a game where they basically humiliate Trevor for no reason other than that one of the crew must have asked them to. Trevor has to leave the room so he can't hear what's about to happen. Janie/Jamie/Amy explains to us that Trevor is going to get under a blanket and they're all going to sit on the blanket in a circle around him. Then they're going to tell Trevor that they are thinking of something on him that they want and he has to keep taking off his clothes and handing them articles until he hands them what they want. Of course, they want the blanket that's on him, which they will pull off once he's completely naked. I hope these kids are at least drunk because otherwise...I don't know. This reminds me of the time I won the farting contest at a slumber party in the third grade. I'm not proud. Recapping this isn't a proud moment in my life, either. For some reason, they don't have to blur out Ashley's shirt anymore. Shelli thinks this is all very hysterical. Trevor is under the blanket, and they explain the game to him again. He hands them a shoe. A belt. A necklace. Ashley is screaming, "No! That's not what we wanted!" Trevor says he feels like the blanket is getting smaller. He hands them his pants. They yank up the blanket. He's not naked at all, people. Everyone runs away anyway, because nobody really wants to see Trevor naked. The only person trying to pull the blanket off Trevor is Ashley, by the way. Everyone else is keeping a safe distance. Trevor tells us that the blanket fiasco was quite embarrassing. Trevor asks the girls if they only play that game once a night. One of the skanks tells Trevor that they usually play that game with the only person that would actually take off his clothes. "Which would be you," all of the girls add. "You stupid, desperate, lonely fuckhead," they might as well have added. Ashley asks if he can go next. Yes, you can, Ash. Yes, you can.

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Making the Band




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