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Trevor Wastes Our Time

Jacob is still strumming a guitar somewhere. Janie interrupts him and asks if she can read these letters he wrote for her when they were kids. It's basically a tiny Jacob saying that he likes Janie and he even loves her and he likes her, too. Then she calls him a dork just as Jacob tells us he wishes Trevor had someone special in his life so he knew what it was like for someone to like him.

Jacob's face looks like mold has grown all over it. How does hair turn into that consistency?

Hot tub. Ashley, Trevor, Jamie, and Shelli are in the hot tub. Ashley's still going on about how Trevor and Jamie both like pizza. Shelli points out that both of them have two earrings as well. Pizza and piercings. They're so lucky to have found each other. Jamie confesses that she's been single for a while. Ashley asks if she likes being single. Trevor tries to change the subject by saying they're drinking some good drinks. I wonder if they're drunk or on Ecstasy or something. Something! God! Why is this so boring? Jamie says she's not looking for someone. "If it happens, it happens," she says. Shrilli says to Trevor, "That's kind of your attitude, isn't it?" Trevor gets all pissy and says, "No, it's not. I'm kind of on the prowl." Who says that? Trevor's never getting laid ever. Unless his mouth gets wired shut somehow, and he loses the ability to dress himself. Trevor gets all sad about himself, and Jamie gives Shelli a "save me!" look. Trevor then saves her by farting in the hot tub. He insists that he didn't, and that it was just air inside of his shorts that escaped (from his butt), but Ashley's not helping by plugging his nose and screaming that Trevor farted in the hot tub. Trevor, understandably, doesn't get laid this evening, or any evening any time soon. Jamie sleeps in the bunk bed room. Trevor sleeps all alone in his giant, lonely bed. "Wow! I have such a big bed!" he brags. But I swear to you, the first two times I listened I thought he said, "I'm such a big fag!" He's just talking about the bed, though.

Breakfast. Remember Dan? He's cooking food for everyone. He tells Trevor that Jamie likes her food burned. "She likes the dark stuff," Trevor says. I think this happened the day before, though, judging from Trevor's t-shirt and the fact that Dan doesn't bust out, "Or does she like it with a side of your farts?" He then asks if Trevor has had a chance to talk to Jamie, so this must be the day before. Trevor says they've talked about music and cheerleading. He says he wants to go right up her alley. Basically. Dan asks if Trevor finds Jamie pretty: "Is she your kind of girl?" But his eyes are pleading, "What's that like? Liking women?"

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Making the Band




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