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Time Off (Looking For Love)

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Trevor Wastes Our Time

Everyone's packing and leaving. So many suitcases for two days. Dan says that every person has a soulmate. Ashley agrees, and says there's someone out there for everyone. Trevor thanks Jamie for coming. Jamie says it was her pleasure. Erik squints and tells us that you find love in the places you least expect to find it, like in Ashley's shower. Janie and Jacob kiss without tongue as they say goodbye. Jacob tells us that love is understanding and forgiveness and inspiring and everything. Trevor awkwardly asks Jamie for her phone number. We don't see if she gives it to him. She does, however, avoid eye contact as he talks to her. I think we then see Trevor have some kind of orgasm in the confessional. Trevor tells Jamie to say goodbye to the cabin. She says, "Bye, Percy!" Did they name the cabin Percy, or is Jamie on some kind of meds? Trevor shuts the door acting like he didn't just accidentally look straight into the camera, ruining the illusion that there isn't a full crew still inside the cabin as the episode finally ends.

Next week looks like some kind of pre-teen Howard Stern Show rip-off.

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Making the Band




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