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Tour bus. Evening. No Fun Andrew is barking orders. The boys are going to be performing four songs in a convention center. Dan's pissy because this is the first time they heard they're going to be performing at a convention center. Silent Mike lies that it's always been in the schedule, but that they don't have a copy of the schedule; it's somehow Cleve's fault. Sure. Blame the creepy old guy. It's always his fault. Trevor says that they don't have a problem doing the gig -- it's just that they'd like more warning than the same day the gig takes place. Boston Mike looks clueless as Ashley complains that this whole thing is kind of chaotic right now. You can see the sound guy in the reflection behind Boston Mike's head. There are a lot of people on that bus. It must suck so hard. Trevor's complaining about something. I think Jacob's in a different van. For real, is he in this group at all? Ashley's wearing a bucket hat, saying that he'd just like to be informed of the schedule a bit further in advance. Oh, there's Jacob. He's leaning back and pouting. Instead of explaining anything about the schedules, someone decides to use their chart position as an explanation. "Just so you know? Your chart position? You dropped. To twenty." It's Boston Mike. I can tell because it's their "chaht positions." Boston Mike is all pissed off, like the boys had a campaign to get people not to buy their albums. Wait a minute. I guess they did. They just called it a "tour." Boston Mike says that one of the major reasons their album dropped is because they've been "out of sight." Erik's like, "Outtasite! That's good. Thanks, Man. You're a Total Blast, yourself!" I don't know what Boston Mike's next sentence means, so I'll just write to down for you: "So what's that say? I just got another jet for you." One sentence. I really don't know why it's such a hard thing for these people to do. Just talk in complete sentences.

A jet takes off. Cut to an "In-Store Performance" in New York City. An exhausted Trevor tells us that they shouldn't be touring right now, but that they have to go out there and perform so that the album doesn't keep dropping.

Dallas. Autograph signing. They tell us that they're doing long days, and that they have to keep doing it every day. We hear someone ushering the teen girls around, telling them to keep moving because there are lots of girls waiting. Girls fawn.

A very tired Ashley is moaning at the airport. Dan tells us that they're tired. The boys all sit in a circle moaning about the schedule again. Someone points out that there are only twenty-four hours in a day. "Nothing is ever gonna be the same," Boston Mike says, for no reason. We watch the boys sleep on a plane as someone tells us that they're working and travelling about twenty of those hours each day. The boys sleep.

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Making the Band




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