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Erik's Family Matters

Back in Orlando, the boys are rehearsing "Baby I Would" in some room. Erik moans to us that his mother and his stepfather are coming up, so he can explain then that he's going to meet Ruben. He gets upset because he doesn't like calling him his stepfather. He says that he, and not Ruben, is Erik's real dad.

Backstage at the House of Blues, Erik is telling his mother and his stepfather that he's going to meet Ruben. He wants to meet his brother and sister. Erik's stepfather says that this isn't a problem, and that it's not going to change their relationship. Erik's mother tells Erik he should "never close a door." She apologizes that he has to go through this. She says that they love him. Erik tells us this is all too much right now. We see Erik asleep with his mouth wide open on a plane as he tells us that no matter how much he wants to focus on his career right now, he can't help thinking about what else is going on. Planes take off and land.

Man, is anyone else bored? I'm bored.

Cleve's in Toronto, asking the boys to wake up. He opens the curtains in Erik's room and asks him whether he's okay. A very pouty Erik says that he can sing, but that his glands are swollen. Cleve says, "You know what'll happen is we're gonna go over there and you'll probably not be able to hit your parts and what'll happen is the other guys will end up singing your parts." I can see that Cleve's not going to be my Grammar Angel either. Erik says that he has to do the show. Cleve sits down next to him and says that there are other things that are more important than singing the part. Erik asks whether the other guys are upset with him. Cleve says that they're concerned, but that they're not upset. He says that people get sick, and everyone understands. Erik's eyes are teary.

At the "Radio Station Performance" in Toronto (I love how nobody wants to be identified anymore), Boston Mike is saying that this is like "TRL live," and that they can't screw it up. I guess Erik has to sing even though he's sick. Jacob watches pouty Erik. Ashley asks how he's doing. Erik says that he's feeling bad. Ashley says that Erik needs potato chips. This doesn't make Erik feel any better, even though Ashley points out that he's "serious." I think Jacob has a knife coming out of his hat. Dan tells us that he can't imagine what's going on inside Erik's head. Neither can the rest of us, Dan. The boys are discussing whether Erik's vocals will "sound good" in their current state. Erik says that they won't sound good, but that he'll "get by." Everyone tells Erik that getting by will basically sound good. At least they know the truth. Jacob's been singing with a deviated septum for the past year, so I don't know what the big deal is.

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