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Erik's Family Matters

Erik walks into the room, and Ruben pulls him into a hug. Ruben's crying. Erik hugs Fabian. They say it's nice to meet each other. Florinda goes to shake Erik's hand and she says a quiet "hey." Erik pulls her into a hug and she cries. Ruben tells Erik their names. He asks Erik how he's doing. Erik says this has been crazy. He asks Florinda how old she is. She's ten. Erik remarks that they're wearing the same sweater. Ruben asks Florinda what she thinks. She looks down. Ruben says that they're nervous. Erik says they don't have to be. Fabian is just staring at Erik, since they look so much alike. Erik asks Fabian what he's into. Fabian rubs his eyes and says he doesn't know. This is obviously a bit too much for him, what with the cameras and all. Ruben pulls out old baby pictures of Erik and Ruben together. He tells Erik that he's proud of him and that he loves him.

Erik tells us that you can't erase seventeen years of neglect in one day, and adds, "But that was cool. It was definitely cool. It's a good thing." Jacob shows up in Erik's room and asks what happened. Erik says that it was weird: "So odd. They look me!" Jacob sees a baby picture of Erik and says it looks just like him. Because it's him. Ashley walks over and asks whether the baby picture is of Erik. Erik tells the boys that he and his father were wearing the same sweater. "That's dope!" Jacob says. Ashley tells us that Erik looks relaxed for the first time in a long time. Erik tells them that Fabian and Florinda were really nervous. Jacob says that they had to meet him for the first time on camera after they've already heard his record and found out about him on television. When did Jacob become so wise? Erik says that he's lucky to have four guys to care about him, and that he's just been blessed with two other people in his life. Ashley asks whether this went the way he wanted it to go. Erik says that he wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Close-up on the baby picture of Erik. End of show.

I guess they film all of the confessionals at the same time, because everyone always looks the same. Next week, Trans Con won't foot the bill everyone expected them to pay. Apparently, the boys are about to be shut down from lack of funds. Good. I'm all about Erik finding his roots, but it makes for some boring-ass television.

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Making the Band




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