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Quarterback, Sneak
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Previously on When We Said This Game Took Guts, We Didn't Mean You Were Expected To Expel Them Onto The Ground Cover On The First Day: Steph and Bobby Jon were the new tools, but Jeff didn't mean it like that. The tribes got their usual cheery sendoff, but eleven dehydrated miles later, the Nakum men were lying around moaning, needing only Scarlett O'Hara and a torn Confederate flag to complete the picture. Gary "Ho-Ho" (or possibly "Boom-Boom") Hogeboom decided to hide his disgraceful past as an NFL quarterback, because everyone totally cares. Farmer Brandon dissed Bobby Jon's intellect, and the editing staff put a big red Post-It flag on the place where he slipped and fell on his ass, because it seemed like they just might want to be able to find it again. Blake's shoulder was attacked by a tree that appeared to have come from The Wizard Of Oz, along with the season's supply of creepy-ass monkeys. Old Man Jim's wizened and wrinkly arm pretty much fell clean off, so after thinking about it really, really hard, the tribe decided it could live without him. He threw his vote to Margaret, expertly locating the one way he could possibly have managed to make himself a passel of enemies in spite of being on television for less than one hour.

Credits. I note here that the tribe symbol on Nakum's flag looks like it came out of a Ziggy cartoon. Did you even know there still are Ziggy cartoons? There are. The one for yesterday showed Ziggy wondering if the guy who said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration was the same guy who invented deodorant. And I have to give it up for the guy currently drawing Ziggy, because if I had seen that line anywhere other than in a Ziggy cartoon, I would certainly have suspected that it was lifted from a Ziggy cartoon, so at least he seems to have mastered the tone he's going for. By the way, I secretly suspect that the name "Ziggy" comes from a phonetic rendition of certain ancient symbols telling the story of Sisyphus.

On Night 3, Nakum returns to camp in the dark. A spider waits to pounce, not really planning to eat anyone, but figuring it would be funny to make Farmer Brandon jump about three feet in the air. Bobby Jon explains that he appears to be "paying rent at tribal council," and that he's "ready for it to change." I don't mean to be defeatist, but one wonders whether Bobby Jon should suck it up and consider buying a condo, because rent is really just throwing money down the drain. Margaret interviews that the team really wasn't up to the mental strain of tribal council after the physical strain of trying not to spontaneously expire.

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