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Au Revoir, Freedomy

Egghead tells the rest of the couples that they have been "spared." Oh, quite the contrary, my dear Egghead.

As he and Jennifer pack to leave, Xavier interviews that his and Jennifer's being eliminated was no surprise to him. He helps her with her stuff, and she tells him that he's "the best," and he lightly responds that he tried to tell her they'd make a good couple, and that she should have listened. He interviews that Jennifer told him that she doesn't like the word "relax," and he now realizes this is because she needs to do it and doesn't know how. He thinks she needs to find a way to take it easy, because she's just way too tense. I kind of agree. In her exit interview, Jennifer describes herself as "hurt" and "angry" over the remarks that she's cold and brittle, but Xavier then interviews that she didn't like those remarks because they were true. And...again, I tend to agree. Xavier helps Jennifer with her suitcase, and she says, "Thank you, sweetheart." He tells her that he's going to hug her, even though he knows she doesn't like hugs, but she insists that she does like them, and they hug. Whatever. "I'm going to kill you," he mutters. "Oh, all right, that's fair enough," she says. Um...okay. They leave. Wish each other the best, and so forth. That was kind of poignant, except for the death threat.

Next week: time to meet the parents. Kevin's mom isn't happy that Jill did Playboy, Billie Jeanne's friends think Tony's apartment bites, Stephen faces Denise's father, and best of all? The return of Scary Anthony. Yay!

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